Commercial Buildings

Pests are a universal threat and once they infiltrate commercial buildings, they bring a heap of issues with them, including lethal diseases. If you want to safeguard your reputation and business, it is worth obtaining a personalized solution from a licensed pest professional. Here is a list of common pests that cause inconvenience to commercial businesses. 


Carpenter ants cannot be ignored, due to their size and never underestimate these small critters. These large black ants are social and audacious, so why are they considered a pest? Unlike termites they do not feast on wood, however they excavate decaying and moist wood to make galleries and passageways for their colonies of about 3000 ants. They can cause immense structural damage within a matter of months. It is not worth spending money on generic pesticide to eradicate this ant specie. Only a licensed exterminator for commercial properties can inspect and treat the building appropriately.

Rats And Mice

Mice-related issues are extremely easy to notice, however, rats, often go undetected until their population starts growing. These rodents are not just smelly, but also destructive. Mice leaves a trail of defecation and urine wherever they go. Just like other types of pests, they need a regular supply of water and food to stay alive. If they have moved into your kitchen area or pantry, everyone’s health is at risk since rats and mice are carriers of various diseases, for instance, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.


Among all roach species, the German roach is most probably the most problematic. Even though it is smaller in size than other species, it can reproduce incredibly fast, causing an upsurge in the numbers. Roaches generally spread bacteria and filth wherever they travel or live. Since they are immune to many pesticides, it is not easy to eradicate them with DIY methods. You may even end up spreading the issue further. You must hire a seasoned pest control specialist that is equipped with the knowledge, knowhow, equipment, and chemicals to get the job done and to prevent an issue in future. Roaches can hide in all sorts of hard to reach places, therefore it is almost impossible to get rid of them all by yourself. 

Seasonal Pests

In some place, many insects are looking for a place to stay indoors during the cold winters. A few examples include stink bugs, wasps, lady bugs, cluster flies, and silverfish. To control these invaders, inspect the sunny side of the building or in areas where the lights are left on at night. Look for any openings in such areas. Insects tend to move into these holes and find a home within dark spaces. The best way to prevent them from moving into your commercial building is by sealing these areas. It is worth hiring a pest control specialist to inspect the building for any signs of pest infestations and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.