Cable  or Wireless

Well, the foremost choice while looking for a mouse is that whether you buy it with a wire or not. Now, if you purchase Mouse with a cable, there are certain advantages and disadvantage for your choice. 

Have a look:

It will have an excellent connectivity to your PC or Laptop. You will not have to worry about the complications of the wireless Mouse if you are new to this. This will be long-lasting as these mice are quite reliable in quality.

The era of wires is now gone, this may give an old school look to your PC setup. More on the tangling of wires is a never-ending thing and fatigue, detangling now and then is a time-consuming process. 

On the other hand, you also have a choice of wireless mice. Please have a look at its advantages and disadvantages. I know choosing mouse can be tricky. As there are multi-purpose mouse like fps or mmo mouse for various purpose. For more you can check the list of best mmo mouse here

It’s a new era trend, giving your PC a stylish look. It has a reach of long-distance so gives you an advantage of using it conveniently without a limited wire. You can use them simultaneously for many computers that you own in different places which can save your cost for two mice.

The connectivity issues with the wireless mice persist. It is not that much reliable and may be costly in comparison to the wire one. You may also have chances to lose its equipment in the process of transferring from one place to another.

Consider the ergonomics of the Mouse

When you decide to buy a new mouse, it will go a long way with you, so you need to consider some ergonomics according to your preferences. For instance, you have a smaller hand then a smaller size of Mouse will be suitable for you as you will need a firm grip over your Mouse, which will not be possible with the Mouse of the large size. 

Similarly, you also have to consider different types of grips such as fingertip grip, palm grip, claw grip etc. So if you want the extensive control over all these things, then the claw grip mouse is way too right for all your problems. 

DIP (Dots per inch)

This refers to the sensitivity of the Mouse in which higher sensitivity is preferred. The higher the sensitivity, the higher efficiency and convenient use. The movement of the Mouse plays a vital role in the use of the Mouse, especially doing a sensitive and specific task such as editing videos or pictures; this needs a responsive and more exceptional control. 

Other than that, other specifications should also be kept in mind along with DPI such as the size of the Mouse because the sensitivity only will be sufficient until your control over the Mouse is right. More on, you also need to opt for a right hardware so pairing it up will make your work and use more comfortable. 

Other functions in the mouse

Mostly, if we see the ordinary mouse have only two buttons left and right but the advanced mouse these days have other functions. There are mice that have other specifications such as other buttons to perform more complex functions such as scrolling down buttons, more buttons which is suitable for the ones looking for their individualized functions.