A healthy night's rest depends on the comfort of the bed. The comfort of the sleeping surface is determined by the quality of the mattress - an integral attribute of any bed. A good accessory that fully performs its functions and has all the necessary properties has a rather high cost, so most consumers cannot afford to buy it. 

But it is precisely the choice of the mattress that needs to be paid special attention! Today there are many inexpensive models that meet quality standards and are able to provide comfort during sleep. What mattresses are worth buying to save money and at the same time make a practical, useful purchase?

Price-quality ratio
Among the economical options offered by manufacturers, it is quite possible to choose the most suitable product, if you know what criteria to follow. Modern, affordable to most people budget mattresses are presented in two types:
  • Spring-loaded with dependent block;
  • Springless
The first type of mattress has two significant advantages - reliability and durability. Such mattresses are equipped with a block of many springs interconnected in a rigid or movable manner. They are quite elastic and strong, but have minimal orthopedic properties due to the so-called hammock effect. This is due to the fact that under the weight of the body the entire sleeping surface bends, the load is not evenly distributed. However, among budget mattresses, they have no equal in strength.

Springless products are more modern, contain mainly synthetic filler, in particular polyurethane foam. Such material is considered safe and non-toxic, therefore it is actively used as a filling for mass market mattresses. Coconut coir and latex fibers are an alternative to PUFs, but such mattresses are many times more expensive and already belong to the premium segment. Springless mattresses made of polyurethane foam can have different degrees of rigidity, which depends on the technology of their production and the type of filler, more precisely - on the density of polyurethane foam.

In terms of price and quality, mattresses from PPU win. Also in demand among consumers are mattresses of sandwich structures made of polyurethane foam and braid coir, but they are somewhat more expensive. Compared with spring ones, they have higher orthopedic properties, and it is precisely this criterion that is considered determining when choosing a product. The most acceptable cost for polyurethane foam mattresses, and the highest among the models of the economy segment - sandwich mattresses and spring mattresses with natural materials.

If the budget is limited and there is a choice between a spring and springless mattress, then experts strongly recommend giving preference to mattresses from PPU. Unlike models with a block spring system called Bonnel, they follow the contours of the human body without creating a hammock effect. So, sleeping on such a mattress will be comfortable and convenient. Orthopedic mattresses are highly recommended for people who have problems with the spine and suffer from diseases such as scoliosis, osteochondrosis, etc. You can change your mattress according to your need like if you have pain, you can buy type mattress recommended by the doctor or that makes you feel comfortable and can give you good sleep.
Accessible - does not mean bad
The high cost of goods does not always guarantee their quality. For example, many buyers believe that an orthopedic mattress cannot have an affordable price. But it is not so. To understand this theory, it is necessary to define the term “orthopedic”. Any sleeping surface that provides the correct support for the spine during sleep can be rightly classified as orthopedic. And some models of inexpensive mattresses successfully cope with this task, repeating the silhouette of the sleeping body, promoting normal blood circulation, as well as relaxing the back muscles. In particular, the polyurethane accessories mentioned above have the desired properties.

It is worth noting that PPU products have other significant advantages. They are anti-allergenic, easy to operate, good air permeability, do not prey. In such objects harmful insects, fungus and bacteria do not start. With proper care, even low-cost polyurethane foam mattresses can be used continuously for more than one or two years without any loss in performance. With proper care, they can last up to 5-8 years, taking care of the healthy rest of their owners.

Tips for choosing a budget mattress

You can buy a cheap high-quality mattress in stores where promotions and sales are active. For example, every month there are categories of mattresses that fall under discounts of 20 to 50%

For safety and health reasons, you should never purchase thin orthopedic mattresses on a spring block, in which the filler of the soft layer is 1-2 cm in height. And it is better to abandon the mattress, which in its height less 14-15sm.

Outwardly, the quality of the product can be judged by the material of the cover, as well as by the presence of sight lightning on the side surface, which allows to study the composition of the filler

You should not choose mattresses for yourself that have a constant and unpleasant odor that does not pass over time, which may indicate the use of toxic substances in their production (cheap glue, poor-quality filling, etc.)

It is not recommended to buy budget mattresses with a small number of springs, as sleeping on them will be uncomfortable (up to 200 springs per square meter)

The use of protective mattress covers will help to extend the life of the sleeping surface.

How to choose a mattress?
First of all, measure your bed. Most manufacturers adhere to standard sizes of 160 by 200, 180 by 200, and so on. However, older models and some special cases may have exceptions.

If you need a standard mattress - you can choose from a variety of options in stock. Production of any non-standard solution is possible to order.

Choose a mattress first of all according to your own feelings, as well as taking into account the recommendations of doctors. However, there are a number of general recommendations that you need to consider when choosing a mattress:

  • The younger the person, the stiffer the mattress he needs. Children under 18 years old are recommended hard and medium-hard models.
  • Young adolescents can acquire medium and medium hard models, preferably from a latex monolith.
  • Soft and medium-soft models are recommended for people of middle and old age.
  • If the buyer has problems with the spine, it is best to choose rigid models (be sure to consult your doctor before buying).
  • The taller and slimmer the person, the softer the mattress he needs.
  • The lower and fuller the buyer - the stiffer the mattress.
And finally, we remind you of the importance of using an orthopedic base with a new mattress to increase its service life and achieve maximum orthopedic effect.