Soul Revolution Mobile on PC
Blade & Soul Revolution, the remake of the PC version is one of the best and the biggest MMORPG developed for mobile. This game is brought forward by Netmarble, the company behind Lineage II: Revolution, Marvel Future Fight, and many other games.

This game has nothing to complain about; it has an in-depth story, excellent graphics and textures, state-of-the-art physics, etc. This game comes with over 150 high-quality cutscenes, too. Even though this game requires an advanced device, it's worth it. Blade & Soul Revolution even has side missions, farming, etc, other than its remarkable story.

The best method of enjoying Blade & Soul Revolution on PC is by using an Android emulator. An Android emulator is a device that enables the user to run a virtual Android device on a PC. You can run any Android game or application on your Windows operating system. Choosing the correct emulator is very important to harness the full power of your PC. The most recommended Android emulator to play Blade & Soul Revolution on PC is LDPlayer. Esb-tkr is also great as Esb-tkr Smart Bot can automate the game Evony on Bluestacks/Memu/Android Emulators.


Why LDPlayer?

Playing mobile games on a PC has its own advantages. By using Android emulators gamers are able to play the game with better graphics on a large screen, play games with the use of the keyboard and mouse, screen recording, and many more. In the current market, where there are a lot of options, finding the right one can be hard but essential. There are many things that the user must consider when choosing an emulator.

The main use of an Android emulator is to eliminate lag and game crashes and to provide the user with the best gameplay possible. So, the user must choose one with the best performance and stability. LDPlayer has been recommended because of its renowned performance, stability, and compatibility.

LDPlayer offers multiple languages, including Thai, Korean, Portuguese, etc, to make it more user-friendly. Other than all of these impressive stats, LDPlayer has some neat features, too; listed below are some of these features:
  • Easy customization for CPU, RAM, Resolution, Device Model, Root Mode, and GPS.
  • Keyboard, mouse, and gamepad support.
  • The ability to run multiple apps/games simultaneously with multi-instance.
  • Operation recording without compromising performance.
  • External APK installation
  • Runs the latest Android version

Downloading LDPlayer on Windows

This is the most straightforward and the easiest step in the whole process. LDPlayer can be directly downloaded via their official website. On the home page of LDPlayer, you can easily choose between two versions of LDPlayer, select the version that suits you the most, and click Download. The best thing is that LDPlayer is free to download.
Downloading Blade

After the download process, you can install LDPlayer by opening the downloader you previously downloaded. The installation process takes a few minutes, depending on your internet connection and computer performance.

Downloading Blade & Soul Revolution on Windows

After successfully installing LDPlayer on your PC, you can get the game using LD Store or Google Play Store; the easiest method is downloading the game via LD Store. LD Store has all of the games with their latest versions.

Now you can directly run the game from the main menu of LDPlayer, to further enhance the gaming experience you can map your keyboard with any game control you want and you can improve the performance by changing graphics settings and configuring more CPU/RAM to LDPlayer as well.

Explained below is the process by which you can do these things.

Key Mapping

LDPlayer allows the user to customize keyboard controls; this means that the user can assign any key that he/she wants to a specific control in the game. This is hugely advantageous when playing a game like Blade & Soul Revolution because players can assign more advanced controls, such as combo action, to their keyboard. This can be quickly done by going to the toolbar and enabling keyboard mapping settings; here, the user can see a panel with several icons that command different controls. These can be dragged and dropped to the exact input position, and a key for that command can be assigned.

Configuring more CPU/RAM to LDPlayer

LDPlayer utilizes the computer’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) and RAM (Random Access Memory) to run games/apps on a PC. The more CPU and RAM allocated to LDPlayer, the more performance you get. This will be hugely effective in a game like Blade & Soul Revolution. Games like these require a great deal of processing power to function effectively. By allocating more of the computer's resources to LDPlayer you will be able to enjoy the game to its max.

This is a fairly simple process; you just need to navigate to the settings tab of LDPlayer and allocate your RAM and CPU accordingly. 

Note: The performance of LDPlayer and Blade & Soul Revolution solely depends on your computer’s performance.

ConclusionBlade & Soul Revolution is a world-class game that has impressed many. Why compromise its full potential by not correctly running it on a PC using the correct emulator. As discussed above, the best way to run this game on PC is using an Android emulator. Even though there are many Android emulators in the market, the most recommended and talked about emulator for running this game is LDPlayer.

LDPlayer is one of the best free Android emulators for PCs in the market, which is fully capable of handling graphic-intensive games such as Blade & Soul Revolution. LDPlayer has many features and will be sure to provide the best gameplay possible. Unlike other emulators in the market, LDPlayer is tailor-made for gamers and supports a variety of games. With the emulator, you don't have to worry about annoying ads popping up during gameplay. So why download LDPlayer and perfectly enjoy Blade & Soul Revolution?