Roofing Tools

If you are interested in getting into the roofing trade or simply wants to patch up something on your roof, there here are a few ideas of tools you will need to complete the job. The right Roofing Tools can be the difference between life and death in some situations because of how dangerous a job roofing can be so be sure to get the right piece of equipment, so you can work as safely as possible.

A Ladder

When working as a roofer often one of the most important pieces of equipment for you will be a reliable ladder. Since most of the job is spent on high ground, having a sturdy, tall ladder is a life saver. Make sure to get the tallest ladder you can find as well. Height is everything and believe me those few extra inches matter. It can be the difference between getting a job done and having to rent a new ladder. Or worse it could end in unsafe practices which could result in injury.

Having a ladder guard should also help you secure your ladder. The aim of the game is safety here since the job can be so dangerous. So, make sure you buy the very best in ladder guards. Without them a strong gust of wind can cost you your life so do not waste your money on the cheaper knock offs that will likely get you killed.

Great Communication Tools

Being able to effectively communicate with your team is incredibly important with your team and your client. You could always use something like this CompanyCam. It is a photo app that allows you to document your work, so your client has regular updates (which they are often happy to receive). It also lets you talk to your team as well. Being able to talk to your team will help to avoid silly things like roof spraying what has already been roof sprayed. It is a great little online platform that stores all of this information in a secure cloud server.

This way you will be able to assess the documentation and communications from pretty much anywhere. This will make it a lot easier to keep track of who is doing what on the site. Having all your pictures in one place makes keeping your client in the loop a whole lot easier. Leaves you more time to focus on roofing instead of figuring out who has the pictures the client wants today.

The Right Footwear

Footwear is sometimes overlooked but we cannot stress how important the right pair of footwear is. Having shoes with a good grip that are flexible and strong is important. Since you will be standing on an uneven surface all day you want footwear that is reliable. Many people enjoy wearing boots. Sneakers are also popular so long as they are high-quality and sturdy you should be alright.

To conclude, make sure you triple check that you have all you need to perform the job correctly before you show up on site. Great communication tools, ladders and shoes help. So, make sure you get high-quality products that will last you a bunch of jobs going forward. Some of this stuff can be expensive but roofing can be life or death if health and safety is not respected so the extra cost will be worth it. Don’t forget though that it’s really important to maintain your roof!