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Windows that are constructed from wood adds incredible architectural detail to any home. However, the artistic appeal is not the only advantage of making timber windows an optimal choice for home construction projects or newly renovated homes. There are numerous benefits to consider.

The aesthetic appeal

The organic texture and opulent grain of solid wood make these stunningly crafted windows a valuable addition to a building, and that is why they are usually the first choice for builders, homeowners, and architects alike.

Wooden windows are constructed from sustainable material

Generally, timber has a much lesser carbon footprint compared to other materials which are used for making windows, which is why it is the perfect eco-conscious choice. Unlike concrete, aluminium, or plastic, wood is a renewable and sustainable source.

Various style options at your disposal

When you’re renovating or building a home, it is essential to consider the architectural style of your home, therefore the windows you’re choosing must match the design of the rest of your home. Wooden windows come in various designs and styles that compliment almost any architectural design, from modern to traditional. Have a look at the beautifully crafted period windows from Lomax & Wood to add a natural element to your home.

Wood is compatible with most climates

You must consider your specific climate when choosing materials for home construction. Wooden windows, for instance, are kiln-dried to ensure they can withstand most climates.

Enduring and robust

If your wooden windows are well maintained, they can last years to come. With progressions in wooden window design and the finishing products used, mean that contemporary, high-performance windows constructed from wood necessitate minimal maintenance. Moreover these windows can often be restored or renovated which is not always the case with other materials.

Optimal insulation properties

Wood offers incredible insulation efficiency. Double-glazed windows offer exceptional insulation and can lower energy usage by about fifty percent by efficiently regulating the temperature indoors.

You can get windows that are pre-glazed and pre-sealed

Some manufacturer’s supply wooden windows that are pre-glazed and pre-sealed which means it will necessitate no additional treatment once they are installed. Glazing is done at the factory, so by the time they arrive, you won’t have to seal or glaze them. Not only does this save money for the homeowner and the builder, but it also ensures that your windows are protected against the elements. 

Wooden windows are easy to maintain

Besides the beauty that these windows offer, some are still wary when it comes to installing wooden windows because they are under the impression that it takes effort to maintain them. However, with water-based sealants that are available on the market, it has become incredibly quick and easy to maintain timber windows. Water-based sealants offer durability and are designed specifically for withstanding even the most extreme weather climates. It is super easy to apply them and they are relatively quick-drying.

Timber windows are a timeless selection

Nowadays, antique timber windows are highly popular, and there’s no misconception about why this is the case. Simply put, timber windows have a timeless attractiveness to them which increase in appeal as the years go by.