Cleaning the house takes a lot of time and effort. From sweeping, dusting, wiping and scrubbing, there are a handful of steps that you need to go through just to restore your home back to its original sparkle and shine. That’s why it’s important to practice different ways of keeping your home clean to stay one step ahead of any dust or dirt formations. Here are 8 smart and easy tips that you can try to maintain a clean and dirt-free home.

  1. Always keep your sheets neat and clean
- Keeping your bed and sofa clean and neat at all times is a good practice to maintain for a tidy home. Every morning, make sure that all of the sheets and covers are well in place in the bedroom, living room and guest room. This will set you off to a good start in keeping your home organized and dirt-free. A clean pair of sheets and covers will also help prevent the formation of dust particles, preventing any allergies or respiratory triggers that can put you and your health at risk.

  1. Practice doing at least one load of laundry per day
- To keep your load of washables from piling up every end of the week, try to practice doing the laundry at least once a day or every other day. You can do this before you rush off to work in the morning or when you arrive at home at night. Doing this daily habit not only reduces your weekend laundry, but it also helps in promoting a cleaner — and tidier — environment at home.

  1. Declutter any unnecessary junk
- The secret to any well-maintained and organized house is always a combination of three things: cleaning, maintaining and decluttering. To clean and maintain something means that it will be scrubbed, washed and wiped off to the fullest extent. Decluttering, on the other hand, is an act of cleaning and maintaining to get rid of anything that might lead up to more dirt, dust, or in most cases, a state of complete disarray. That is why it’s always important to consider clearing up as much space as possible in your home to reduce the chances of more cleaning and maintaining.

  1. Clean and maintain your appliances regularly
- Clean your appliances regularly to prevent dust and debris from decorating the machines. Do this at least once a month to stay one step ahead of any potential dirt-related issues such as broken refrigerators, malfunctioning air conditioners or erratic washing machines. However, for the more complicated check-ups and fixes, consider contacting appliance experts to visit your home. Whether it’s the need for an aircon gas top up or a major defrosting of the freezer, a professional expert can do it faster and safer.

  1. Clean your bathroom thoroughly and regularly
- While the bathroom is considered your most personal space at home, it can also be your biggest nightmare — full of mold and grime formations that can cause sickness and illnesses. One way to prevent this from happening? Regular and proper cleaning. Make it a point to clean your bathroom at least once or twice a week to reduce the chances of germs and bacteria from forming on different surfaces. Make sure to use a powerful cleaning solution when scrubbing and wiping each surface clean. Whether it’s all-natural or chemical, doing the work is what’s important to keep you and your family safe at the end of the day!

  1. Disinfect the kitchen every day
- Apart from the bathroom, did you know that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in your home? The different ingredients that you use when cooking and other discarded leftovers can all come together to play host to a handful of germs, bacteria and fungi. This in turn can lead to different health-related problems such as fever, cough, cold or even worse, food poisoning. Make sure to schedule a daily disinfection timeslot to prevent these illnesses from affecting you and your family. For the best cleaning time, it’s recommended to do it at the end of the day once everyone’s finished cooking and eating.

  1. Dust and wipe daily
- A great way to keep your house clean and tidy is by wiping off dust from any surface it might land on every day. Whether it’s the bookshelf, the television rack, or your living room table, dusting can go a long way to keep everything in a dirt-free order. Simply get a clean and dry cloth, spray a gentle cleaning solution, and begin wiping through these surfaces thoroughly.

  1. Hire a professional home cleaner
- If you don’t have the time to clean and disinfect things by yourself, then you can always turn to the help and expertise of professional home cleaners. From bathroom, bedroom and all the way to kitchen cleaning, there’s a wide selection of cleaning companies that can attend to your needs and requests. And If you live in Rochester MI, don’t hesitate and contact Rochester Residential & Commercial Cleaning that provides a high cleaning standard of work.