Electric Smoker

In the first step, you have to preheat your smoker when it is ready and prepare to cook your item. You will coat your brisket with spices and different flavours which you want to marinate your food. And delicious items which you want to cook electric smoker like fish, chicken, chops and all of the items must be marinated overnight. Dozens of recipes you can find on the internet which are quick and easy homemade recipes. It gives natural fallout to your food and simple seasoning to essential the following steps.

When your item is marinated put it into the refrigerator for 8 hours then preheat your oven and then put the marinated meat in the electric smoker. You can use built-in handles of the smoker for your safety. Put the smaller item on the top of the smoker and the bigger one on the wide lower wreck of the electric smoker. 

To protect yourself from the burn, make sure you should wear gloves when your oven is preheated, try not to open it for a long time. Take less time as much as you can. Now shut down the door of the smoker to secure the food. Always use the door handle to open and close the electric smoker because the surroundings of the smoker os very hot which can burn your hands.

The recipe will show you how much time you will smoke your item to give a delicious taste to your food. The recipe card will show you the accurate time of smoking the food you will need. Add more wood chips and water inside the chamber of the smoker. If you add more wood in the chips of the smoker you will love to see the smoke of your item.

Over smoking your meat is not good because it gives burnt taste to your food. Leftover your food for 15 to 20 minutes after cooking because when the item is fully cooked it would take some to set the taste of your item. When your food is ready, turn off your smoker and clean it. Also, don't forget to remove the electric cord from the wall of the electric smoker.

6 tips for smoking meat with an electric smoker:

There are several tips to smoke your meat with an electric smoker:

1: Wood chip tray:

With the help of a wood chip tray, you can smoke your meat, it is the best electric smoker. It gives a delicious taste to your food. You put the wood inside the chamber of the electric smoker. It is good to use an electric smoker because when you burn the woods outdoors to smoke your food it is harmful and can burn your hands easily. It is designed to smoke your food faster and takes average time. The average temperature to smoke your item is 270 degrees.

2: Hickory:

Hickory is also a type of wood which gives a different flavour to your item. It is basically used for pork meat but you can also use it for other meats. It has a sweet strong taste but uses less hickory wood for other food because it gives a bitter taste to them. It is a pleasant wood with a combination of cherry wood flavour.

3: Maple:

Maple is the name of another wood which is used to smoke in an electric smoker. It burns slow and hot to smoke your food. It has the middle flavour like hickory wood but it is not so strong. The combination of heavy wood sweetness flavour gives the delicious taste to your food.

4: Apple:

This smokey flavour has a different taste than other flavours. The taste of the applewood is fruity and mild and it deals with the great aroma of smoke in it. It takes several hours to give the exact taste to your food so you should take more time to smoke the item. It is mainly used for chicken and other birds but you can also use it for beef steaks. 

5: Peach:

Everyone loves to eat peach but what do you think the smoke of peach is as good as other flavours? Yes, it is because the southern roots of this wood is light and gives a wonderful flavour to your food. It has a sweet smoked taste but not like other flavours it is completely different and delicious. 

6: cherry:

It has good flavour but takes a long length of time to give the flavour of your food. When you combine it with hickory smoke flavour you would love the aroma of smoke. It gives a sweet taste to the item you want to smoke.


Now you have known many flavours to smoke your food. These are pocket-friendly wood smoke flavours, you would love to make delicious items with the help of these flavours for electric smokers.