SMM during COVID-19
Governments around the world are forcing more strict strategies to keep the people locked down in their homes during the life-threatening pandemic. The emphasis on social distancing is increasing to keep people safe from health hazards of COVID-19. It seems like we do not have any other choice just to remain isolated and abide by the rules and regulations of governments to control the spread of diseases. The importance of social media and online platforms for marketers has never been less; but in these times, when no one is allowed to meet anyone on the outside, you can hang out with your customers and family members on social media.

Since it is a bad time to meet new connections in person and make them friends and clients, we are extremely thankful and lucky to have the Internet in this generation which can enhance our limits to reach out to new people every day without problems. Even in the stressful circumstances, social media can reduce your anxiety and provide you plenty of platforms for social interactions.

How to Use Social Media and Cope with Quarantine

Social isolation comes with many drawbacks; to keep you and your family safe from its negative impacts, let us provide you a few valuable steps to remain safe at home while you work your way up to improve your SEO and digital marketing strategies. The good news is that there is still a great way using social media t o connect to your audiences and use Internet as a blessing in disguise.

Working from home is more important in the days of social isolation; you can use the following tools and social media platforms during social distancing to connect with your clients and prospective customers.

Use Zoom to Meet new Friends or Clients

Zoom to Meet

To make social distancing less painful; you need to re-boost your energies and remain mentally active. You can benefit from all the social media platforms and tools available today that offer the feature of video conferencing or chatting with your loved ones and business clients. You can even create a video chat group on Skype and add the relevant people into it to connect anytime around the clock.

You might remain in quarantine and start feeling less painful using social media applications. They can help you connected to people who matter more in your life every day. You can have a morning tea with a long-term client over Zoom in the morning or use Face book and Integra videos to say hello to clients. Such steps are going to immediately lift your mood up. So check out the most trending Integra videos and snap chat stories to find out how marketing professionals are using social media to stay ahead of others using Zoom, Integra, Face book, and Twitter.

Why Zoom is Best Application

For coping up with social distancing, Zoom is the best application used by marketers these days. It offers a full-featured basic plan that allows you to conduct unlimited meetings with clients and friends. Using zoom, you can do pretty much about everything including:
  • You can make a video call for your clients at the breakfast time and invite them to have a breakfast with you to discuss the light topics related to your business.
  • You can celebrate good news and accomplishments over the years with your mentors and clients on zoom.
  • You can even greet them on their birthdays and achievements using video calls virtually.
If you hate to make food alone in the kitchen, then bring your camera in the kitchen and connect virtually with yoru family and friends. You can watch them making food and help them learn some basic keyword tricks during the cooking session.

Join or Host Watch Parties on Social Media

Since thousands of social gathering events have been cancelled by Corona pandemic in 2020, there is no one discouraging you to host a watch party on Face book and other social media platforms using live video feature. Even though people globally are missing out on all the great concerts, job fairs, university meetings, and client presentations, you can still conduct seminars and conferences using the social media live watch party feature.

For example if you are someone conducting training sessions related to SEO Services and social media marketing SMM, then an information seminar or event is still within your grasp with social media live video features. Even singers like Amy Grand and Vince Gill are performing on the social media live and keeping their audiences motivated with their songs.

Host Virtual Events from Home

Many people had weddings and birthday parties planned before the pandemic hits the global sphere to restrain them to their homes. However, social media cannot stop you from celebrating and sharing your good days. You can use social media to plan virtual events and invite many people to join in with the conversation. For example, as a social media marketing SMM consultant, you can sit in your room and start a live stream of your planned event by virtually connecting with 30 people and help people to put their morale up.

The face book status of Oprah Winfrey states how delighted she feels to host live events for her audience. If you put some thought into it, social media can provide a way to help you out of this isolation.

Face time Messenger can be of Great Help to Marketers

Marketers can use many tools in addition to Zoom and Face book; if you are an Apple user, then the best time connect with yoru family is to use Face time. Since all Android users are out there, Face time messenger can help deal with the difficult challenge of quarantine.

This is not the time to sleep-eat-sleep and repeats the same thing daily. Face time app can help you daily to network with people in your circle anytime of the day, while not breaking the rules of the government. A virtual call from a loved one or even a colleague can help you get through the loneliness and think positive during the day.

Creating a Netflix Party

Everyone loves to watch movies with families and friends on Netflix; however, that is a rare phenomenon these days with family members sitting away from each other, Netflix brings a good news for stay home professionals who can still create a Netflix party and connect with their colleagues and team members to enjoy motivational movies.

There are tons of movies which can teach you business tricks, motivation, and teach you to go through challenging times. Create a Netflix party and connect with your friends by retaining the physical distance. Enjoy motivational movies together by going virtual on Netflix party that will boost your energy and energize you to perform better during the pandemic days.

The Final Words

Remember that you are not alone in the world with almost one-third of the global population is being locked down into their houses. It is in the best interest of people to maintain more social distancing, connecting with business people and clients using social media videos and watch parties can boost their mental health. You can better think of new business ideas and boost social media performance by watching Netflix movies and make sure your employees are healthy and doing well on the other side of the screen.