Wedding Souvenirs

When it comes to wanting your invitees to have a worthwhile experience at the end of the wedding, the taking-home party presents make things interesting. The choices for wedding favors are truly infinite, so be imaginative and put your special touch. Keep choosing gifts that show you and your partner's preferences or the wedding theme, and things that your guests will be able to enjoy at home after the celebrations are over.

Is your wedding event far away? Treat guests to custom luggage tags as a way to thank them for their travels. Would you like to instill your food joy to attendees even before the wedding comes to an end? Store up on paper bags to load up with your favorite foods for friends and family that they can eat on post-wedding. If you are having an outdoor spring or early summer wedding, take some inspiration from your flowering environment and donate seedlings to your guests.

The major priority is making sure that your wedding favors blend within your budget — you've got to take into account having one in each visitor (and few other extras), as well as that, could add up. Search for the small, thoughtful, and reasonably priced items. Upon pegging the perfect guest gifts, combine them with an equally prominent display to guarantee that everyone recognizes picking up one as they end up leaving.

It's the last chance to appreciate your friends and family for spending their time & expense celebrating you and your spouse's marriage. Furthermore, wedding gifts are a perfect way to be creative and compassionate. Here are the best ideas you can have as a souvenir:

Potted Plants

Express your love to green and go eco-friendly! Potted plants that also operate as your table totals are a wonderful way to decorate the homes of your guests in a classic, thoughtful manner. Do it with an eco-friendly gift choice like potted plants or gratitude keepsakes that keep creating positive thoughts. They will not only save you tons of money but will also be a smart and clever gift option for your visitors.

Plants have various purposes, from working as antidepressant medications to trying to reducing carbon dioxide, helping to clean the air and decreasing the levels of air pollutants. Wedding favors may also come in the form of small succulents planted in vintage teacups. Consider shopping long in advance for vintage cups, then fill in each with a miniature succulent like jade, kalanchoe, and aloe vera. You could even select a small cactus for Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

Personalized Hand Fans

Your guests will love to cool off with the relaxing air from old fashioned hand fans. Fans are fantastic for an outdoor ceremony when the weather is bright and humid. They 're also widely known in weddings with Japanese and Asian themes. Choose from numerous different hand fan souvenirs, including those made from both paper, sandalwood and silk materials.

Mini Champagne Bottles

Since you are dreaming of inexpensive wedding favors your guests would enjoy, then find special, tiny booze bottles as souvenirs. Mini alcohol bottles are a good way to share a small-sized gift with your loved ones. Either you're choosing mini sparkling wine favors or small bottles of champagne, there's no doubt this would be a sweet gesture that wouldn't shatter your bank.

Couple Bobbleheads

If you invited a few of your friends and relatives for a solemn ceremony, consider a highly personalized remembrance of your wedding for them. Couple bobbleheads usually end up as cake toppers. However, they make excellent souvenirs as well for a small group of guests. You can ask a bobblehead maker to craft couple bobbleheads that look like you and your husband. Visit a manufacturer's site to learn more.

Vintage Lanterns

Not only can they illuminate your table environment, but these vintage mini lanterns also add elegance to your table setting. Lanterns are great accompaniment to your marriage as well as brightening up your space while adding a splash of chic to your ambiance. For the look you have your heart set on for your special day, there's a lantern to match with almost every wedding theme. Plus, visitors can bring it home with them as keepsakes.