nightclubs in Bangkok
Many people make a trip to the steamy metropolis of Bangkok daily because of the kind of fun they get there. There are many interesting and fun places to visit when you visit Bangkok. This can be said especially for the nightlife. There are sky-high clubs one can visit and enjoy their drinks and the views of the city. Truly, the nightlife you will experience in Bangkok is unforgettable and varied. In this article, we shall examine what makes Bangkok Nightlife lively. We shall discuss some of the things you can do when you are visiting the clubs in this city. What are some of the activities you can engage in and have quality night time in this city?

Here are 4 things you can expect from Bangkok nightclubs:

1. Adult Entertainment Complex, Nana Plaza

For those who are in the mood for some visually exotic things while in Bangkok, you will love the Nana Plaza where adult entertainment is the order of the night! For this reason, this place is known as the greatest adult entertainment complex in the world. So, what are some of the things you can do here at night? Well, you can enjoy the open-air beer parties, there are tantalizing ladyboy shows as well as many go-go bars that are good to keep you awake and happy. There are costume shows, rock theme shows, and other entertainment activities all over. You can also play pool among other games.

2. Shake a leg at various clubs

This is another kind of entertainment that all clubs would love to offer. In Bangkok, many clubs offer good music for people who love to dance. There are many roof-top bars and classy lounges that have the best sound systems for music lovers. Some DJs have the right music mixes to help you pump out the bass. Revelers can set dance floors ablaze the whole night as they enjoy their drinks and great company. The Levels Club is one of the many that offer this kind of entertainment in Bangkok.

3. Strolling along Patpong

This is a place referred to as the original red-light district of Bangkok. It is still a world-famous red-light district where there are many go-go bars and the culture still abounds. You will be amazed at the many neon lights that line the street with as many strip clubs for those who enjoy this kind of entertainment. Here, you will love the various shows offered in the clubs such as pole dances and the raunchy shows. Located between Surawong and Silom, you can reach this place from the Skytrain Station as it is within a walking distance.

4. Live Music and cold beer at Rambuttri Village

You will love the various nightlife activities at this place. It is located near the infamous Khao San Road and boasts of several bars that offer diverse genres of live music. If you love European, American, and other famous songs played by a live band, this is the place to head to. You will also enjoy an ice-cold beer, soda, colorful cocktails, imported beer and buy souvenirs and eat at the various eateries available in the place.