Small Cars
From its humble beginnings over a hundred years ago, the automobile has revolutionised modern life. It is one of the defining symbols of the modern era. The automobile represents autonomy, independence, freedom and a modern lifestyle. Cars make everyday living that much easier. Whether it's getting to work, getting the kids to school or heading out for leisure - it pays to own a car.

In recent times, small cars like the small SUV have become the dominant force of the automotive industry. Let's explore why they are leading the pack. 

Small Doesn't Mean Weak

Some people consider smaller vehicles to be "weak" or to lack power. While it is true that smaller models like hatchbacks or two-door cars have smaller engines than larger vehicles, small SUVs combine the tight handling and fuel economy of a smaller model with the power of a larger four-wheel-drive.

A small SUV can hold its own in terms of torque and horsepower. Many suburban drivers choose this type of car over a larger model because they suit their lifestyle and personal vibe, and prefer a smaller car that still packs a punch.

They Save You Money

Large cars, even with modern design and engineering, cost more to run than a smaller model. This is because there is just more car for the engine to propel forward. It is a no brainer that this means more fuel consumption. Smaller cars cost less to run because there is less car to move. Those opting for small SUVs, sedans or hatches will save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel costs. 

Since owning a car costs money (registration, insurance, maintenance and repairs), if you can save some money at the bowser by opting for a smaller model, you should go for it. 

Improved fuel efficiency is one reason why smaller cars are leading the pack in the automotive industry. 

People Tend to Live in Cities

Although some folks prefer the fresh country air and slower pace of regional or rural living, the majority of Australians tend to flock to the larger cities. This is because there are more jobs, study opportunities and lifestyle offerings available in the urban hubs.

Smaller cars are suited to city streets. They offer increased flexibility, tight handling and even look trendy. Thus, more city-dwellers are opting for smaller cars, making them better selling than larger models. This is another reason they are dominating the automotive industry.

They Suit People's Budgets

The smaller the car, the cheaper it is to manufacture, therefore the lower the price tag for the consumer. Not everyone can afford to buy the largest, most wizz-bang SUV on the market. Smaller SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks offer something these cars cannot - affordability for the everyday consumer.

Smaller cars are also attractive to students and younger people who have less income. These people can afford to purchase and run a more modest vehicle when larger models are off the table. This makes small cars more accessible. 

They Are Reliable

Leading car manufacturers are building a reputation for reliability. While all their models are reliable, their small car's reliability is a significant selling point. With most manufacturer's now offering multiple-year, unlimited-kilometre warranties they are willing to put their money where their mouth is. 

Savvy consumers want reliable, well-made vehicles. They opt for small cars that will stand the test of time.

Summing Up

Small cars are dominating the market because they are still powerful while being fuel-efficient. As people are attracted to living in cities, they want cars to suit this lifestyle. A smaller car costs less and is suited to those on a budget. Finally, they are reliable with attractive warranties.