MBA in Oil and Gas management
MBA in Oil and Gas management is a postgraduate course that preliminary deals with the strategic management of fuels. The main feature of this course is to address the increasing requirement of energy and efficient fuel management in the world market. This two-year-long program offers an understanding of strategic business issues covering the hydrocarbon value chain. From an academic point of view, it focuses on the distribution of petroleum and petroleum products, import of crude oil and LNG; along with its pricing and production, regulation and distribution of oil. It prepares one for a lucrative career as experts who handles managerial and techno-managerial issues in domains such as project management, risk management, client management, business development and more.

Some brilliant career options that you can look into after pursuing MBA in oil and gas management are:
  1. Oil and gas analyst- The job of an oil and gas analyst is to methodically examine relevant data and trends in the industry of oil and gas. They use this knowledge to give their clients in the financial and energy sector, an impartial and independent perspective on technical and commercial issues.
  2. Energy consultant – An energy consultant as the name suggests is someone who looks for an efficient way to manage energy, reduce consumption and look for possibilities to decrease fuel usage. Their work can range from putting new technologies into use to improving the manufacturing process and changing wasteful habits.
  3. Maintenance manager – The job role of a maintenance manager is to look after the employer’s property. They supervise the installation and repair of every machinery, mechanical systems and other structures.
  4. Oilfield sales manager – An oilfield sales manager is someone who oversees office administration and possesses a working knowledge of different varieties of oilfield equipment. They are also responsible for measuring ongoing sales results for which they are required to hold their sales team answerable.

Core reasons to pursue this course

An MBA degree in oil and gas can open a number of doors of opportunity, and here are some specific reasons to pursue it:

Remarkable demand in the market

The oil and gas industry is booming and is a giant sector in the global economy. The increasing consumption of natural gas, petroleum and petroleum products and the renewable sector has created an excessive demand for professionals, which will only rise in the coming years. Finding work and getting a job in the oil and gas industry is the best thing that could happen to you right now and in the future. 

Excellent pay-package

Oil and Gas are among the most profitable and highest paying industries in the market. Post your MBA, even as a fresher, you will earn a very lucrative salary and the remuneration will enhance with experience.

The oil and gas industry is a flourishing one with many corporate companies all around the globe. An MBA in this field can be your gateway to a prosperous career especially if you possess managerial qualities, IT skills and an acute awareness of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.