Nespresso is derived from Nestle Espresso, one of the earliest coffee machines discovered to use coffee pods. The reason why people can’t associate with them is that the company didn’t call them coffee machines but capsules. However, it can produce a single-serve, single-cup coffee, similar to those coffee pods. Its latest innovation is the Nespresso vertuoline, which can make both coffee and espresso.

Nestle the Makers of Candies Creating the Machine
Nestle is also renowned as a candy bar manufacturer. But another company is making good pod coffee brewers, which has adopted the name Nestle into it. The very first Nespresso coffee machine was featured as a recognizable brand name. Since 2000, these machines have gone a long way with their major name Nespresso. For the most part, all these machines were manufactured by LeasCoffee. It’s actually a company making and distributing coffee makers and labelling them with other companies. This includes the latest Nespresso Vertuoline coffee machine.

Where to Get Nespresso Coffee Pods?
Compared to K-Cups, T-Discs and other usual coffee pods, Nespresso pods aren’t found in a regular grocery store or supermarket. If you like to buy these pods, you need to visit Nespresso’s own website or a Nespresso boutique. Yes, you have read it correctly. The coffee pods have their own stores selling these products. The brewers, on the other hand, can be easily found in several retail stores.

How do the Nespresso Coffee Makers Work?
This pod coffee maker works somewhat differently than regular pod coffee brewers. Like the Nespresso Vertuoline, you need to pierce the capsule once inserted, and inject it with hot water. As water pressure creates, holes open up on the weakest points of the aluminium and the freshly brewed coffee escapes. The empty aluminium capsule will be kept in a waste receptacle inside the machine to be removed later.

The Downside to Nespresso Machines
If you were to buy a Nespresso coffee pod, you need to buy it only from Nestle. The patent on the capsule makes it difficult for other companies to copy, making Nestle the only authorized company to get the pods. Another aspect which you need to consider is having every cup of coffee resulting in aluminium waste. But this should call for no worries, as Nespresso products can recycle the aluminium for free. So, you still have more options when choosing a Nespresso Vertuoline for original coffee or espresso.

Why You Must Choose Leascoffee as Your Coffee Maker
Today’s availability of coffee makers is endless. There are now air pots, Thermo servs, plumbed coffee machines and coffee urns. Therefore, you need to visit a reputed coffee maker website for your coffee machine before you begin shopping for it. So, are you searching for a cheaper kind of coffee maker? Or are you willing to spend more to get a quality coffee machine? Are you just after a plain brew or would you like to have different coffee flavours? If so, you can check out what Leascoffee can offer you when brewing your coffee.

Here are five tips you can use for your coffee machine choices:

Evaluate the brand of coffee maker manufacturer that provides the best line of coffee machines.
Just like Leascoffee, they can offer the best brands of coffee makers for your personal or commercial needs. You can check out their online reviews about the different brands they offer. You can also ask an expert about feedbacks on what exactly you are searching for. You can also verify from online users who have purchased and actually utilized that specific model.

Decide on what features are essential for your needs
A few coffee machines make everything you need, from grinders, water filters and brewers. There are also coffee machines that are virtual beverage makers. Coffee machines, like those provided by Leascoffee, can brew anything from a simple, hot cup of black coffee to a rich cup of hot chocolate or high-grade tea. Before you charge this item on your credit card, ensure you know its important features, to have the best value for your money.

How technically advanced is your chosen coffee machine?
If you choose Leascoffee, they can provide you with a variety of coffee machines that come with LCD display screens, digital controls, auto-off and pause-and-serve features. You’ll just have to be ready to pay for a coffee machine with great features.

Check the number of cups your coffee machine can brew at a specific time.
This is very crucial if you’re choosing a coffee maker that makes several cups of brewed coffee in a restaurant or office.

Ensure your chosen coffee maker can be easily cleaned and well maintained.
This is a feature that many homeowners try to neglect. However, the Leascoffee makers are feature-packed, which will help maintain and easily clean the device. This company has ensured that you will only need to do simple steps for the cleaning of the coffee machine.