Mazda Brand
What is it about the Mazda brand of vehicles that made it so universal over the last few years? The answer is simple. These vehicles are so well designed that it speaks for itself.

Designed With Purpose

When you visit the brand’s website to scroll through the available options, you will be amazed at the well-crafted website that features information on how Mazda manufactures their vehicles. It is clear that Mazda designs their products with a clear intention. The website even features a video that showcases how Mazda models is crafted from clay, the initial step in the designing process. Mazda pronounces that they use more clay than any other car brand. This is done so they can visualize the vehicle in 3D form before working in partnership with their digital designers. The smooth finishes and silky lines are not created by the drop and drag of a mouse button, but rather from the skilful hands which prudently molds every new Mazda model. But why go through the additional effort when there are so many digital tools at their disposal to design their vehicles online? Mazda uses a KODO (soul of motion) motto when it comes to design. The Mazda brand is quite unique with a combination of motion and design. A stationary Mazda vehicle has equal allure and flow than one who is moving. While some individuals believe that outside appeal must be abandoned for interior virtuousness. With Mazda models, it is evident that in some cases, the outside does not have to take a backseat to the interior.

Exceptional Interior

Mazda has refined their interiors to be highly functional. The Mazda CX 3 is presently among the most affordable in the Mazda range, however, features an upscale and perfectly laid-out cabin. The basic styling makes the cabin feel roomy and organized. This Mazda model is crafted from premium materials inside out. This car is equipped with various interior amenities that include:
  • Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity
  • Rear-view camera
  • Push-start button
  • Two USB ports
  • Mazda connect infotainment system
  • HD Radio

Sound system with six speakers

This is not too shabby for a base model trim and these cars only get better once you started moving up the trim lines. Another great feature is the ample leg space for drivers and passengers alike. No matter where you are seated in this car, you will most definitely appreciate the KODO design features.

Brilliant Engines

Mazda cars are powered with brilliant engines. The C3 base model is equipped with a 2.0 litre, 4-cylinder engine that generates a whopping 155 horsepower. You also have a choice to upgrade to the 2.5 litre, 4-cylinder on alternative trim levels. What makes this car truly desirable is the fuel-efficiency. You can get about twenty-eight miles per gallon while driving in the city and thirty-seven miles per gallon on the highway. Therefore, while you will be enjoying all the benefits of style, performance, and interior, you also get your value’s worth from getting more miles per gallon and doing your bit for the environment.