Silicon joint sealing idea are a very important part of the construction. And it's mainly used for to construction sites also. 

Seal’em Solutions, Joint Sealing & Caulking Specialists

Internal joint sealing Our applicators are trained and experienced in administering perfect finishes on every joint, every project, every time—always neat, seamless and invisible, especially in tricky areas like tight corners, colour blocking and around cabinetry.

Our fully trained and licenced caulkers, backed by years of experience, are efficient, methodical and accurate with installation techniques to all internal joints or cracks.

They’re also thorough working to detailed workflows, spending time cleaning and preparing substrates and using neutral tooling fluids to prevent unacceptable (and expensive to repair) bleeding, staining, uneven light reflection and corrosion to substrates. Internal sealing, We handle internal sealing in kitchens, splashbacks, bathrooms, ensuites, powder rooms, toilets, laundries, skirting to tile, wooden floors, concrete floors and expansion joints.

Our wide range of specialised internal sealing products offer many benefits to commercial, industrial, residential and remedial projects:

 • more than 64 colours for improved aesthetics that match any interior or external substrate 
• range of standard to premium of internal silicone to suit your budget 
• mould resistant, anti-fungal additives and insect prevention 
• wet area protection from dampness and prevention from water ingress 
• Neutral Cure natural stone applications 
• Ph 7 handling fluids 
• Aesthetically appealing and functional. 
• Preventing cool drafts from entering and heat from exiting.
 • Any seal openings and cracks.

External joint sealing Seal’em Solutions professionals only uses quality products and installation techniques, ensuring that all sealants are customised project by project, accounting for many factors like elasticity, texture, density functionality, weather, heat resistance, UV stability and aesthetic appeal are all essential for perfect finishes. Not all sealant types are manufactured with the same properties and price alone cannot dictate quality, reliability and/or longevity.

Certain steps must be taken in a certain order with each step completed to the highest of standards. Without this, sealants won’t stand the test of time and they could falter. Our caulkers are trained to operate in an organised and contaminate-free environment, ensuring that sealants are never discoloured by dust or chemical reactions. 

Our range of specialised services include: 
• Fire rated sealing applications 
• Fire certification 
• Saw cuts 
• Render joints
• Control joints 
• Dow joints 
• Blockwork joints 
• Face brick joints 
• FC sheeting 
• Concrete expansion joints 
• Abel flex joints 
• Tilt panels 
• Alpolic.

Fire-rated joint sealing. Our professional caulkers apply to fire-rated standards, which protects against liability, loss of property and even death. Not all caulkers can make the same claim. If incorrectly installed, safety of those inside a building can be severely compromised. Our installation allows occupants to safely leave within two hours before seals break open in flames. Fire sealing is essential for safeguarding property and saving lives.

Fire and smoke can cause irreparable damage or cost you thousands on repairs and loss of use while a property is being fixed. Your first priority—whether with a commercial, industrial or residential project—is to take steps so a fire doesn’t start. Prevention is key, especially since fires usually spread through small cracks or openings in the joints of buildings that haven’t been properly sealed. Fire rated sealing can stop this, preventing fire from spreading from one room to another or from building to building. 


• prevents injury 
• saves lives 
• prevents fire and smoke from spreading 
• protects your neighbouring property, project, investment 
• saves you time and money in replacing or repairing fire and smoke damage 
• adds value to your property

Remedial joint sealing. Getting professional remedial experts from Seal’em Solutions is your best bet to reinstate new quality sealant products for your project. Sealants often fail because they’ve been incorrectly applied or not adhered properly through poor application techniques. 

In some cases, using the wrong sealant causes this failure. Other causes can be sealant that is old, mouldy or just worn out. Seal’em Solutions offers extensive knowledge and skilled techniques to remove and reinstate all types of sealants. 

We understand what joint substrate is best to ensure elasticity, movement capabilities, UV stable requirements, density, a shore harness and tensile strength. Our professionals will recommend the correct sealant types to ensure each joint has the correct properties so it can function at its best. 

Our specialists’ knowledge dives much deeper than the brief information provided on typical Technical Data Sheets relied on by many smaller and less experienced applicators. It’s vital that certain steps be taken in the correct order and without compromise to be 100 per cent confident about your joint sealing, whether it’s for a commercial, industrial or residential project.

Seal’em Solutions is selected by property owners for small and large residential projects. We’re a preferred supplier for custom projects and major renovation projects of all styles. We’re your one-stop shop for all joint sealing work. 

Our products and workmanship are about longevity and getting each project done the right way, the right. We’re often depended on to ‘fix’ problems and imperfections created by other caulkers or the use or inferior or do-it-yourself products. 

This laborious process involves cutting out caulking and re-sealing from scratch, which is three times the cost per meter than getting it right the first time. We’ve been established for more than 15 years. With Seal’em Solutions you’re guaranteed to be dealing with a reputable company who is here to stay, not a fly-by-night operation. For a quick consultation or to get a free and no-obligation quote, call us today on 1300 377 577.

With a consistent reputation for professional services, Seal’em Solutions Australia is trusted to work on major commercial and construction projects by reputable companies, including award-winning multinationals. 

This includes on multi-million-dollar projects, like the flagship Grafton Jail by John Holland, Gas Works by Tom Dooley Developments, Condev Constructions, McNab Constructions and multiple high-profile projects by Hutchinson Builders. 

Our size provides confidence. We’re able to respond quickly and accurately to requests for quotes, begin projects on time, offer flexibility, and close a project off with high satisfaction levels. Many one-person operators or smaller companies may have to delay project starts because of other priorities. With 25 caulkers on our team, you’re guaranteed faster service than smaller operators can provide on commercial projects. 

Our caulkers are reliable and efficient. They arrive on time and keep you informed throughout a project. They’re available to answer any questions and explain away any concerns. They always leave sites tidy on project completion. Developers and builders trust our experience and count on our proactive advice and professional recommendations on the latest products and industry innovations to make informed decisions. 

Our methodology, quality standards, expertise, experience and workmanship offer excellent value-for-money. All products and services meet required Australian standards and Queensland Building and Construction Commission standards. With Seal’em Solutions you get the benefit of extensive knowledge built over many years working on thousands of projects. 

Our specialist team has a comprehensive understanding of the technical components of sealing and see to it that your project doesn’t go astray. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team spot checks to ensure company standards are consistently met. 

Our dedicated Production Team maps out projects and monitors progress, regularly communicating up-to-date job status for clients. Our work is 100% guaranteed. Should you have a concern with processes or workmanship, we’ll work closely with you on an acceptable and timely solution. For a no-obligation quote, call us today on 1300 377 577.