Smart equipment has changed the way we operate home appliances and other devices. It has improved the quality of life of people and increased comfort and convenience too. The trend of smart lighting systems is ongoing in the world and these voice-controlled lighting systems can be controlled by your smartphone. You can turn on or off lights, use timer and remote to control the lights and it's simply unbelievable. Even you can turn on or off lights when you are not at your home, remotely. However, before you make your purchase for smart lighting bulbs, there is something you need to know about to buy right smart light bulbs from lighting stores in Canada.

Which setup do you need for smart lighting solutions?

First and foremost, let's try to answer this question. You don't need that costly hardware installation of wall switches as LED bulbs have the software that allows the homeowner to control these bulbs directly. However, you will need the following setup at your home for this:
  • Control hubs like SmartThings, Amazon Echo Plus or Wink
  • A WiFi network
  • A Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet
  • An app in your smartphone or tablet such as Apple Homekit
  • A voice control system like Alexa or Google Home

Types of smart lighting bulbs to go for

WiFi light bulbs

If you have a wireless internet connection at your home, get these WiFi light bulbs from Electrical Surplus which are easy to use and can turn your home into a smart one. Then you need to download the Life in Sync app and sync your bulbs and that will be all. You can even use voice commands from Amazon or Google.

Bluetooth light bulbs

You can also buy Bluetooth light bulbs if you have smart devices at your homes such as Apple TV, iPads or Apple HomePod. All you need to do is to turn on the Bluetooth and command "Siri, find device" and it will be done. However, you need to ensure that the Apple Homekit app is installed.

ZigBee Compatible Light Bulbs

There are many smart devices you can find with ZigBee, a software protocol which can remotely control the devices. When you go to the lighting stores in Canada, ask for ZigBee Compatible Light Bulbs and you are done. Most of the smart devices such as Amazon Echo Plus, Apple HomePod and Google Home are ZigBee compatible devices and you can command bulbs to perform actions.


The life is much more comfortable and convenient with these smart devices which can be controlled remotely from anywhere on the earth. Find all electrical items at Electrical Surplus and live a cosy lifestyle.