Home Remodeling
Image by F. Muhammad from Pixabay 

Your Home Transformation-

Even if you are happy with your home, there is invariably an area that you feel needs a change. The kitchen Island installed by you ambitiously is never used anymore. That dining room seems messy, that imposing brick fireplace, everytime you walk past, is always there. Most of the time the best home remodeling ideas are inexpensive and easy to do. New fixtures, paint and thoughtful reorganisation figure heavily into many of these ideas. Saving hundreds in the long run by a few dollars for a self installed thermostat. Cabinets and bricks can be painted or spend a bit more for a pantry unit around your refrigerator or all- out bathroom makeover with the frameless glass shower and a drop in bathtub.

Double Sized Closet-

Many people want to have a larger closet in the bedroom. The problem is that closets are boxed in on all 3 sides with walls. Walls cannot be moved. Many closets share a wall with another bedroom. A single non load bearing divider wall makes the large closet into two smaller closets. By taking down that middle wall, the closet space gets doubled.

Lively Sit Down Breakfast Bar-

People are not interested in using the kitchen Island because it is not interesting and has no redeeming qualities to draw people to it. Converting the kitchen Island to a sitting breakfast bar gives guests a reason to congregate. With the sink installed in the kitchen Island addresses the cook's needs too .

Smart Programmable Thermostat- Old school dial thermostats do have a vintage appeal but count for nothing in saving money. Manual thermostats are notorious money and energy waste as they rely on you to adjust the temperature physically. A quick remodel idea is to install a Programmable thermostat. The digital smart thermostats are programmed to turn on or off the heating or cooling system at specific times throughout the day and night. A holiday mode is there in most of the thermostat that allows to reduce the need for HVAC systems during long absence.

Crisp, Organised Accent Wall-

When the living room has many issues and sealing seems too low. Everything seems disorganised and in need of a serious update. There are two remodeling ideas at play in the living room - first impose grid-like lines on the accent wall. The Grid implies order and well organisation. Second paint over the wall colour to match the ceiling colour. The room now looks as high than it really is.

Fridge With Integrated Pantry-

A lonesome refrigerator keeps food cold but occupies a lot of floor space plus plenty of room is there above and to the side that can be used for storage. Brilliant solution is to install a pantry unit to the side and above the fridge It gives a clean, integrated look.

Open Shelving-

Many kitchens have hanging over wall cabinets, casting the shadow and creating a ponderous look. Open shelving clears the kitchen of the dark, heavy look and everything seems lighter and brighter.

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