Chevrolet Beat is one of the most fuel-efficient and hot hatches ever manufactured in India. Even though the automobile sales figures are not great but you can find good numbers of Beat in the streets. As it is a diesel, maintaining it can be heavy on your pocket if you get it serviced from a reputed service centre. 

However, if you do it by yourself at your home, the service cost of your car will be much lower. In order to do it, you might require some auto parts that you can buy online from sites like at a much affordable price point. Maintaining a car does not mean cleaning and washing, you should keep it serviced and change the necessary automotive parts from time to time to keep your car running flawlessly.

Importance of maintaining your vehicle

The ones who are new to the automobile sector must wonder why is it important to maintain their vehicle. Here are a few points that will help them understand the importance of maintenance:
  • Helps you get better resale value: If you are thinking of selling your car in the future then you should consider maintaining your car as it will keep the value of your car high and offer you better resale value. Hence, you should keep your car serviced on every scheduled interval.
  • Increases safety: If you keep your maintained and serviced then it will surely improve the amount of safety offered on the road. During trips, there will be fewer chances of breaking down if the parts in your car are perfectly maintained. If you consider checking the system and maintaining it frequently, there it will help you to stay away from situations where you need to deal with the malfunctioning of your car.
  • Saves a lot of money: If you keep your car maintained on a daily basis then it will not demand you to change the major parts frequently, which will surely save a lot of money. In order to keep your car in a healthy situation, you need to pay a little amount, which helps in preventing more costly problems from occurring. Even if you need to change any parts then consider buying it online from boodmo, in order to get the best deal.
  • Enhances fuel economy: When you change the engine oil and other essentials timely then the engine will not gulp extra fuel and offer you enhanced fuel economy. However, if you do not take good care of the engine then it will surely ask for more fuel and drop the mileage drastically.
  • Improves the overall life of your vehicle: If you simply follow the general maintenance also, you can prevent your vehicle from getting into any mechanical trouble. The regular service will reduce the wear and tear of the mechanical parts and engine, which in return will surely improve the overall life of the vehicle.

Guide For Maintaining Chevrolet Beat Diesel at Home

Instead of getting into detailed service, you should be clear about the basics. Here are some of the basic step-wise inspections that you should consider performing frequently:

Check all the tyres if they are running on the right air pressure and have proper rotation as it will make sure that all the tyres are going through equal wearing. In addition to that, maintaining the tyre pressure will allow you to get an enhanced fuel economy the engine will not be stressed in rolling them, hence, decreasing the fuel consumption. 

Check the fluids that help in proper functioning and whenever the levels drop, you should refill them as early as possible. If you fail to refill them on time then there will be more friction between the parts, which will degrade the performance and can harm the mechanical parts. If you are willing to prevent the high-cost replacement of the parts, you should refill all the fluids from time to time.

After changing the fluids, the next most crucial thing that you need to check and change is the engine oil. Engine oil is one of the most important aspects when it comes to maintaining a vehicle. According to the auto experts, one should get his vehicle’s oil changed after every 5,000-10,000 km. The engine oil is responsible for the smooth functioning of the motor, hence, you should surely keep your eye on it.

You can consider checking the small parts such as the brakes, clutch plates, air filters, suspensions and more. If they demand replacement then consider buying the parts from boodmo for reasonable prices. 

Lastly, you should wash your vehicle inside-out so that there’s no rusting issue and the car remains brand new for a long period of time.

Summing up

Buying a car is not a big deal, whereas, maintaining it can be. Hence, you should keep good care of your car and the guide mentioned above will surely help you out with that. Not maintaining the vehicle will not only hamper the performance of it but also reduce the overall life of the car.