Cart Emails

You will most likely encounter many shopping carts left without completing the transaction when you have an eCommerce business. Do not worry; you are not the only online business suffering from cart abandonment. The worldwide average for cart abandonment is 69.57 percent. This statistic means that even if you have the best-looking website and a multitude of online payment options, there will still be a chance that three out of ten of your online customers will leave their shopping carts unpaid. If your business does not follow up with Abandoned Cart Emails, it will not be able to win these customers back.

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails?

Abandoned cart emails are automated messages to remind customers that they have added items to their carts but failed to complete the checkout process. 

Why Do Customers Abandon Their Carts?

There are a lot of reasons why customers leave their shopping carts unpaid. Here are the three most common ones. 

Unexpected Additional Costs. The number one reason for cart abandonment is the high additional costs associated with the purchase. Customers may get surprised with expensive shipping costs and an additional payment of taxes to complete the purchase. 

Credibility Concerns. Customers tend to abandon their shopping carts when the website asks them to create an account before completing the purchase. This account-creation process raises credibility concerns on how the site will use the information. 

Indecisiveness. Many customers like to window shop, compare item prices, and save them on their shopping carts to be purchased later. More often than not, these customers will tend to forget about their unpaid shopping carts. 

Whatever the reason, as an eCommerce business owner, you must be on top of things. If your site manages to get a hold of customer emails, you have every opportunity to get these customers back through Abandoned Cart Emails. 

Why Are Abandoned Cart Emails Important?

Getting Customer Insights. Sending abandoned cart emails allows you to ask customers to complete their transactions, but you may also gain insights into what caused them to leave their carts in the first place. Having these insights will help you improve your eCommerce business based on a customer’s perspective. Most of the time, online business owners are focused on advertising and marketing online products that they seldom have time to focus on the experience their customers have during checkout procedures. Were customers surprised with high shipping costs? Did customers have a hard time completing the transaction, which caused them to abandon the process? With customer insights, you can assess if you need to tweak your check out process to be more transparent with added costs, and more convenient for customers. 

Giving Value to Customers. Customers that abandoned their carts are significant since they intend to purchase from your company in the first place. They had the buying intent but, for one reason or another, decided not to push through with the transaction. When you follow up with an email, you are opening up a dialogue with the customer to improve your services and complete their checkout. 

Sending Abandoned Cart Emails is not just about getting customers to complete their checkout. This type of email campaign can also be a great way to gather critical insights from customers to improve your business’s conversion rate by improving customers’ buying experience and thus lessening carts being abandoned.