Can blue blocker glasses really help you fall sleep? Actually, this is true. For most of us, we may find that it is very hard to sleep under neon or bright lights. But how can we solve this issue? ---We just need a pair of blue blocker glasses for sleeping. Blue blocker glasses will definitely help you sleep better.

What is blue blocker glasses for sleeping?

As we all know, blue light blocking eyeglasses can filter harmful blue light and protect our eyes. But few people know that blue light blocking eyeglasses can also help us sleep better. Zinff is a brand of blue light blocking eyeglasses, these glasses can help people sleep better.

The circadian rhythm sensitivity curve has the greatest sensitivity to blue light with a wavelength about 464nm, so the intensity of our exposure to blue light greatly affects our sleep quality.

How to use blue blocker glasses?

We would recommend you limit the screen time two to three hours before sleeping and adjust your phone to night mode to reduce the glare and release visual fatigue. This way can greatly minimize the harmful blue light at night.

Zinff’s blue light blocking eyeglasses can help you improve your sleep quality. Research shows that blue light will affect body's circadian rhythm, namely the biological clock. According to researchers at Harvard University, any kind of light (including blue light) will reduce the body's ability to secrete melatonin, which is a hormone that helps you fall asleep.

In fact, another important factor affecting sleep is the interference of the circadian rhythm curve. Disturbance of the circadian rhythm can lead to a decrease in appetite, disorder in work and rest, lower work efficiency, and unexpected risks.

We protect our eyes well and we also need to pay close attention to sleeping. Therefore, for our health, it is recommended that we use less on mobile phones and exercise more, wear blue light blocking eyeglasses when using electronic products, and do not let their eyes age early!

Why we need to wear blue blocker glasses before sleeping?

Excessive exposure to blue light at night will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, which is a kind of hormone that regulates the sleep cycle.

When it’s time to sleep, our eyes still expose under the blue light emitted by electronical products, this will destroy our biological clock then affect the circadian rhythm in our body.

Researchers also believe that blue light emitted from electronic products will cause more serious damage to body’s natural circadian rhythm than traditional incandescent lamp because TV, computer and tablets screen mainly use the LED white light.

Tips for using blue blocker glasses for sleeping

Place the screen 50-70 away from your face and make sure your eyes and the top of the screen are on the same level. Please remember that the sightline should be slightly down when you look at the screen. The screen center should be between 15-20 degrees below horizontal sightline.

Follow the rule of 20-20-20. Take your eyes away from the screen every 20 minutes and stare at a fixed point of 20 feet (about 6 meters) away for 20 seconds.

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