The Onboarding Process
User onboarding refers to the system to actively guide users through your new product and get value in it. The onboarding process is not just about introducing a new feature to your users, but it actually extends throughout the lifecycle of your user. The process starts even before the user signs up to it, and extends to the point until they become your premium customer. Onboarding is much more than just showing your users that you have launched a new feature and how they can use it. In order to apply all principles effectively, you need much more than just a product tour, and that can be successfully achieved with a user onboarding software

A user onboarding can be successful only if your users take actions via the right channel, the right content, and at the right time. With this information, you can go much deeper than a product tour and delight and retain your userbase. For that, you need to understand the steps involved in converting a preview user into a proponent user. 
  • Preview user converting into a first-time user: The onboarding process starts even before the customer educated about a feature. It actually begins with marketing, which happens even before the user experiences the product for the first time. It is a fact that many visitors who are new to your site know almost nothing about you, your app, and its features. They are just previewing your product, and this is the time you can encourage them to sign up. For this, focus on your app’s content that should give a clear proposition of your product’s value and position your application as credible and useful. It should clearly communicate your app’s use and core value, so that your visitors can know about your app and think about actually using it.
  • First-time user converting into a committed user: Once your visitors get information about you and sign up, you should be careful about fulfilling your promises. In this stage, you have to explain to your users how your app can be shaped to match their purpose. This is the time when your users have signed up and experienced your feature, but they have not yet become your regular users. You have to explain how to setup the app, how to take value actions, how to make best use of the app for their purpose, etc. For this, you have to send them emails, in-app messages, notifications, links to product tours, etc. When users understand how to use the app, they will start seeing it as a useful tool and start using it regularly to solve their purpose.
  • Committed user converting into a proponent user: In the next step, your regular users turn into your biggest fans. For this, you can create an online community, host conferences and ask your users to attend them. Since users are already habitual of your app at this stage, your focus should be to deepen your relationship with them. Whenever they mention you, respond to them without fail. Instead of keeping your content strictly related to your app, interact with them on a personal level.
All in all, the user onboarding software from Apxor is a great way to help your users at any of these onboarding levels. It helps your users to actually start using your app and shows them how your app and feature can give them a perfect solution. Once that’s achieved, it also helps you to form a relationship with your users and retain them for long term.