Baby Girls Shoes

It can be exciting to shop for infant baby girl shoes, but it can be daunting when you are not sure about the size. One of the things you must remember about sizing is that it will differ from one brand to another. We highly recommend checking out the online sizing guide of the different shoe brands you like to find the correct size and compare sizes for your baby girl.

Getting the perfect fit

Is it your first-time buying infant baby girl shoes? You may want to bring her to an actual children’s shoe store to get measured by a specialist. Consider measuring with socks on, and check the width of her feet to make sure that the shoe’s toe box is wide enough to allow some wiggle room. Remember: there must be around half an inch of space from the tip of the shoe to the big toe. Make sure the shoes are not pinching the sides or heel.

Always opt for the perfect fit

perfect fit

It may be tempting to purchase bigger infant baby girl shoes, thinking she will grow into them. Don’t. In fact, podiatrists recommend buying shoes that fit perfectly. If the shoes are too big for her feet, she will have difficulty walking and she will become more prone to tripping, falling, and stumbling, which can affect her proficiency when learning to walk.

Baby’s feet tend to vary to half a size. That said, consider the size of the larger foot, and consider measuring again in a few months if you want to buy a new pair of infant baby girl shoes down the line. Many brands may not run sizes that are true to the size, but finding a brand you can love and sticking to it will help you get used to its differences down the line.