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There is nothing worse than planning a relaxing game night with the family and you cannot find the board games, or worse, half of the pieces seem to be missing. Have a look at our helpful tips on how to organize and store your board games properly.

Rounding Them Up

Begin by collecting all board games around the house and place them in one sport. If you find a game that you no longer have a use for, place it aside for donation. If some of the game boxes are ripped around the corners, first tape them to avoid further damage. If a box is beyond saving, place the contents into a clear lidded container and label it.

Prepare Every Game Box

Go through every game box and do the following:
  • Check For Any Missing Pieces – If the pieces can be replaced by household items, go ahead and do so. However, if the game can no longer be played, add it to your donation pile. Remember, you can check at thrift stores for cheap replacement pieces.
  • Place Cards And Tiny Pieces In Zip-Top Baggies – This keeps everything neatly sorted and it make it easier for setup and clean-up.
  • Add Paper And Pencils If Needed For The Game – you can stock up on cheap multi-pack pencils and keep them inside every game box that require a pencil. This way you have one ready and on hand for gameplay. Check out Big Play Store for a wide selection of games if you want to grow your collection.

Generate Categories

This is essential, particularly if you have children in various age ranges. Categorize the games into different groups, for instance, card games, party games, and family games. You can also arrange them by number of players and age range. It will make game picking so much easier.

Store In One Central Location

Whether you are planning on keeping your games in multiple places or in the same place, ensure they are kept in spots which are easily accessible by everyone.

Tips On Missing Pieces

  • If you love playing a game but there are a few missing pieces, you do not have to trash it to buy a new one. Here are a few creative alternatives that you can use.
  • Use thimbles, expired lipstick tubes, pennies, action figurines, or lids from dried up markers for replacing pawns.
  • Game cards can be replaced by handmade ones. For instance, if you are missing one of the character’s in clue, have your kids create a new one to replace it.
  • Purchase a cheap pack of dice from Amazon to store on-hand in case another one goes missing. It is always handy to have extras, plus they are really cheap.

You can download scorecards for free from the web and print them at home. If you have used up your last Yahtzee card, there is no need to go out and buy more. Simply print a few copies.