Home is the place where you relieve work stress, relax, and spend more time with your family. You entertain your friends at home right there in your livingroom. Having an elegant home is not even an option anymore, it should be a necessity. Follow these simple tips for an elegant home. 

1. Tidy up: the first thing you should consider as a prerequisite for having an elegant home is avoiding clusters. Too many things pile together makes the room distasteful. Whatever you do not need, have no business being around in your home. Take them out and dispose of them.

Replace worn-out book covers with new covers and fix broken chair legs. Leaving your home stuff up leads to disarray and total disaster. It can also create an unpleasant stuffy smell. The unpleasant sights will hide the beauty of your interior and shield whatever little elegance of your home. 

Getting rid of the mess should be the first thing on your list. Reorganize the items in your home in an orderly fashion and store them properly.

2. Arrangement: Each corner of your home should be unique. From the sitting arrangement to the position of your coffee table. If you have a spacious sitting room, do not stuff your sofas to the wall. Have them arranged away from the wall? This will help reveal the detailing of every other furniture item in the room. And it will unfold the centre rug with its elegance. 

The rug is an important accessory. It offers comfort to feet especially when one is required to remove their shoes before stepping in the living area. Your bookshelf should be purposefully arranged to reveal your book collection. Make it outstanding by getting rid of every other item close to it. 

3. Throw pillows: Throw pillows are wonderful accessories for providing you with an elegant home. Shop for huge and large throw pillows for your sofas. Their enormous size is enough to offer warmth and express elegance and style to your home. Throw pillows in a variety of colours different to your sofas are the best to go for. They should be soft enough to offer a cosy experience. For complete elegance, they should be in the same fabric and texture.

4. Lighten up your space: No elegance can be identified in the dark. Lightening up your room gives you the right brightness to appreciate your home. Pull curtains away to let in light and air. Fresh air will neutralize any smell in the house. 

If your bulbs are broken or out of date, you should have them replaced. Stylish lights can be acquired from thrift stores if you cannot afford one and it will serve the same purpose of lightening up your room with amazing brightness. 

Special attention should be paid to dark areas where the main lights from the walls and ceiling cannot reach. Use table or lamp lights instead and have each area of your home lighted up for an elegant outlook.

5. Flowers: Flowers are beautiful and they add beauty to a home. Flowers should be placed with decking for added beauty. Fresh flowers provide a nice scent to the house and help get rid of offensive odour. Fancy flower vases should be acquired for placing the flowers in them. And to satiate your guest’ satisfaction, make a cute decking garden with flowers around.

You can choose from large and huge flower vases or you can go for smaller vases. If you have large vases, then you should place them around the deck where they can be appreciated while the smaller flower vases can be placed on tables or on stools. 
In the absence of fresh flowers, you should go to room fresheners. They will make your home smell nice and not keep the guest away from your home. You cannot rule out the possibility of your home not having an offensive odour, it will be hard for you to tell because you live there and might have gotten familiar with the odour so much that it is no longer offensive to you. But it will be for your guests.