Are you dreaming about being at the beach? Even if you’re not able to fly to some tropical location right now, you can still bring the tropics to you.

There’s an easy way to infuse beaches, palm trees, and an overall feeling of “good vibes” into your place:

Give your apartment a makeover!

A tropical apartment will make you feel like you’re at the beach, sipping on your favorite drink every day of the week. And what can be better than that? 

Here are some ways to bring the beach and everything it entails into your home. It’s time to create a calming oasis so you can relax in style! 

1. Embrace the Brilliant Sunshine

When you envision your tropical paradise, there’s probably plenty of sunshine.

So, if you currently have heavy blinds covering up your windows, it’s time to get rid of them. They’re blocking all the sunlight! 

Instead of having dark, heavy blinds, swap them out for something lighter. To bring the sunshine inside your apartment, you’ll need sheer and airy window treatments.

Sheer drapes bring in the perfect amount of light. And not just that, but they fit right into a beachy theme. 

There are more ways to bring in the light besides curtains, though. For example, you might consider incorporating a few mirrors to your home. 

Mirrors are attractive, and better yet, they reflect light. By placing a few strategic mirrors around your apartment, you’ll have rays of sunshine bouncing throughout!

2. Relax on a Large, Overstuffed Sofa

Keep your living room comfy with large, overstuffed furniture.

You’ll often see large sofas at resorts and seaside hotels. They’re comfy and make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Try adding a loveseat with round arms and a tropical cane daybed. Both of these pieces will give your apartment a vacation-themed twist.

Are you feeling bold and want to bring the jungle indoors? Get a sofa with a leafy green floral print!

Or, you could have an existing couch upholstered. A sofa with a bold, lush print will stand out and add the perfect element of comfort. 

3. Infuse Natural Elements Into Your Home

Natural elements play a big part in creating a tropical haven, and they’re easily incorporated into any room.
Get some bamboo furniture, such as a shelf or table. Then, place a few seashell decorations on it.
As for the floors, look for some area rugs made from recycled cotton, sisal, jute, seagrass, or wool. 

For added creativity, incorporate a few twisted branches and trunk sections into your decor. That’ll look amazing in a tropical layout! 

With these elements, you’ll create a laid-back and relaxing environment.

4. Get Some Printed Throw Pillows

Even your pillows can have a tropical theme.

Throw pillows with a palm tree pattern or animal-themed print can set the stage for your tropical abode. You’ll feel as if you’re in the jungle just by looking at them!

If your sofa is big (remember, that goes with the theme), don’t be afraid to pile on the pillows. They’ll make you comfortable and add to the beachy vibe. 

Pillows are the perfect decorative staple. They’re great for the living room, bedroom, or wherever else you have a sofa.

5. Create a Lush Landscape

In any tropical environment, you’ll see plenty of lush plants. Examples of tropical plants include palms, hibiscus flowers, and rubber trees.

Include a few of these beautiful plants in your apartment to make it lively and inviting.

If you don’t have time to take care of real, living plants, get a few fake ones. Don’t worry; no one will even notice unless you tell them.

Leafy greens (even if they’re fake), can create a lush landscape right inside your home. Whether you place them by your bed or in your living room, houseplantsare exactly what you need to achieve the beachy look you’re seeking. 

6. Set Up a Playful Drink Station

No tropical apartment is complete without access to your favorite drinks. Whether you like cocktails or coffee, an organized drink station is exactly what you need.

Create a bright and colorful set up by using a bamboo table and colorful accessories. Make sure you have all of the cups, straws, and accessories you need to enjoy your drinks tropical-style. For example, a green coffee maker and tropical-themed martini glasses are both playful and practical.

Decorating your drink station (and enjoying your drinks) will be so much fun!

7. Give Your Walls a Tropical Look

If you don’t want to buy a lot of accessories, there’s always the option of tropical wallpaper.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is ideal. It won’t cause permanent damage to your apartment walls. 

There are all sorts of tropical wallpapers in green, purple, and dusty colors. You’re going to have fun selecting a fantastic pattern. 

Getting a tropical decal for your wall is another idea. Palm trees, leaves, or tropical flowers would look amazing in any room.

In Conclusion

If you can’t go on vacation right now but you’re craving a beachy environment, give your apartment a tropical theme. After reading through these ideas, you’re sure to feel inspired.

Even if you don’t want a tropical theme in your entire apartment, you can still incorporate beachy decor here and there. 

Or, you can dedicate one whole room to this theme. Have fun with it by adding any decor you like.

Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with having a tropical theme in your home. It’s relaxing, inviting, and makes you feel like you’re on vacation 24/7! 

Author Bio:

Dominique Daniels is the Business Manager at BroadstoneTimbergrove. With over five years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes BroadstoneTimbergrove a place everyone loves to call home.