Download Songs
Soundcloud is undoubtedly a giant in the music streaming market. It’s an excellent platform for musicians to share their work to millions of fans, and it’s a very accessible source of good tunes for music lovers. If you want to listen or download songs, you just have to go to Soundcloud to enjoy excellent music.

However, some music tracks in Soundcloud are not downloadable. Artists have the option to restrict users from downloading their music, and some songs are only downloadable for a limited number of times.

So, if you really want to save Soundcloud tracks on your device, you have to use third-party music downloaders and online tools. Just read this guide to learn the methods on how to download music from soundcloud

Save Music Tracks Through Soundcloud’s Download Feature

For music that you can “officially” download from Soundcloud, you can save them on your device using the Soundcloud’s Download Feature. If an artist puts a downloadable track on this platform, you can find a Download button located within the More menu or underneath the song. Now, hit that Download button if you like the song and want to save it on your gadget.

Soundcloud Go+, Soundcloud Go, and Soundcloud’s website all have this Download Feature. If a musician restricts a song only for streaming (meaning you can’t download it), this feature won’t be available.

Moreover, if you hit the Download button and it opens to another website, it means that you can only download the track from that site. In such cases, it’s a hassle to get the audio file since you need first to sign up or log in using one of your social media accounts.

Download Soundcloud Music via KlickAud

KlickAud makes the process of downloading songs from Soundcloud like a piece of cake. It’s a music downloader that converts and saves an audio file from the music streaming giant on your computer. This online software is free, and you need to create an account or install a plugin to use it.

Now, how to download Soundcloud audio files on your gadget? Well, just take note of this step-by-step process to proceed with your download.
  1. Right-click the track’s title and hit Copy Link Address to get the link of the audio file.
  2. Open a new window and go to and paste the link onto the Conversion box. After that, hit the Convert icon.
  3. Once you’re on a new page, click the Download The Song button to save the audio file.
  4. Your download will be up within a few seconds.

Save Songs from Soundcloud Using SingleMango

SingleMango is a user-friendly web-based tool to grab your favorite tracks from Soundcloud. Using this online tool is free of charge, and it’s compatible with your Android device and whatever internet browser you’re using right now. It also has Firefox and Google Chrome extensions for you to download Soundcloud tracks easy and fast.

If you’re going to try SingleMango to save Soundcloud tunes on your device, just follow these super easy steps. 
  • Grab the Soundcloud track’s URL by highlighting it and pressing CTRL+C.
  • Enter the copied link onto the download box.
  • Hit the download icon next to the input box.
  • A new page will open containing the Download This Song button. Click it to start downloading the audio file.
  • The file will be saved on your device in a few seconds.


Now you know the official and unofficial ways to download songs from the popular music streaming platform Soundcloud. If you need to save a favorite tune on your device, just revisit this blog post anytime.