Waist shapers have been around for many, many years now, and although they are better known as waist trainers nowadays, the primary function is still the same: They shape your waist and make your body look slimmer. Nowadays, waist shaper or body shaper for back fat is most popular.
Since a new love for waist trainers swept the world in 2017, everyone has been wondering whether they work, or if it's just a publicity stunt, and the results aren't as good you would have expected.
Now, before we answer the pressing questions, let's take a quick look at what waist shapers are supposed to do, how they work, and then we'll take all of it into consideration to see if they do work or not.

How to properly use a waist shaper

Waist trainers are meant to shape your whole figure a reduce inches from your waist, but do you know how to use one properly? It's honestly quite simple, but here's a breakdown:
-       Put them under your clothes.
They are supposed to be worn directly on your skin, not on top of your clothes. This means you are supposed to wear them under your clothes, in case you are going out to work out or simply walking around.
-       Make sure it fits but isn’t too tight.
Most waist trainers come with different "zippers" you can put together to make it fit better. Don't overdo it, because you could end up hurting yourself. Instead, make sure it fits just fine, like a glove.
-       Don’t use it all the time.
One common mistake is to leave your waist equipment on for too long, and that isn't beneficial either! Just a couple of hours, even while you work out, it's more than enough to see results on the long run.

So… Do they really work?

To put it simply: Yes, they do, just not in the way most people think. They are a great way to achieve that little waist and perfect hourglass body everyone wants, but they don't work as fast as people think.
Let's quickly explain this. They will work, but you have to use them regularly and accurately to see the wanted results! You can't expect to wear them only for a couple of days and believe that will be enough; it doesn't work like that.
If you're not too convinced yet about that they do work, here are some reasons why you should most definitely use waist trainers, trust us, they do work, and you will see the results:
  1. They are pretty much invisible.
    This means you can wear them under your clothes, and literally, no one will be able to tell you've got them on. Plus, they are comfortable too!
  2. They help you out with your posture.
    Another great thing about these waist garments is that not only do they help you shape up your body and create a better silhouette, they also improve your posture.
By making you stick out your chest, roll back your shoulders and walk straight, your whole postures look way better the moment you put the waist thingy on.
  1. It helps you sweat out more.
    We all know sweating while working out is a good thing, and waist trainers help you out sweating, especially during the abdominal zone, which, of course, contributes to the lost weight.
    This happens due to the type of fabric they are made of, which makes you sweat out more than you would normally do! That's why it's so great to wear them while you are working out.
As might be able to tell, waist trainers are trendy for a reason: Because they do work. Sure, they aren't as fast as most people make them see, and the results aren't "immediate," but they work, which is the whole point.