Content Marketing
Every type of content has its purpose - may it be a text, an image, or a video post, there’s always a goal behind it. If you are a marketer, you create content through blogging on your website or posting on various social media platforms. Basically, content marketing is made to build your brand and make your products and services be known by your target market. You promote your brand, product, or services using a post that would encourage your audience to buy or pay for it. We have product reviews, client testimonials, webinars and discounts, and promotions posts. Aside from creating content with direct promotion, here are other purposes of content and how these strategies work in building your business brand.

To Entertain

You produce content to entertain your audience on a platform where they hang out. Entertaining content has the greatest potential of going viral especially on social media platforms. Who does not want to laugh? The most common post type marketers use are videos and images. We have memes, jokes, comics, puzzles, or even competitions. Typical ads may bore most people that’s why many businesses are now turning to entertaining and humorous content to achieve brand awareness and generate leads.

To Inspire

A content that inspires people is another effective approach in building brand loyalty as consumers can directly relate to shared stories. People may choose your brand over others because they see that you are positively contributing to social or environmental growth. The best posts you can use to inspire them are quotes and personal success stories. Others create commercials with captivating storylines that melt the hearts of their audiences.

To Educate

Being a source of information could make your consumers feel that your brand cares. So, aside from selling them your products online, you must educate them also. This could be through posts like informative blogs, tips and tricks, industry research, case studies, and live training videos. If you’re trying to sell kitchenware, posting recipe tutorials could help you connect with your customers without hard selling.

To Connect

To jump-start a conversation around your brand or connect with your audience will not only help you promote your products and services but will also allow you to build relationships with your target market. Most consumers prefer businesses that create engagement and tend to choose to connect with real people rather than chatbots and artificial intelligence. The usual conversation starter type of posts are “Ask Me Anything” posts, Q&A posts, and online polls. Responding to feedback is also as important as initiating engagement with your customers.

Content creation is a valuable tool to achieve your marketing goals. You can create content with a combination of any of these. Creating a content calendar could help you manage your content and have them combine perfectly for your target market. However, creating content takes time to do it well. As a busy business owner, you may want to consider outsourcing this task to a Digital Marketing Agency.

Whether you aim to entertain, inspire, educate, or connect with your audience, being creative and genuine could go a long way to help you achieve business success