Talking about the coconut shell it is said to be the strongest part of the coconut and to develop the activated carbon it has to undergo a steam activation process through which it can be developed.
During the process of activation, it undergoes while creating millions of particles at the surface and increasing the surface area.

The coconut shell mainly consists of micropores to mesopores and due to their widely distributed pore diameter, the shell activated carbons are very much popular in the gas phase and small water purification industries.

What Is Activated Carbon?
It is said to be a highly porous adsorptive medium consisting of complex structures made up of carbon atoms.

The activated carbon is created from coconut shell, softwood, peat, lignite coal, etc.

The process of high-temperature steam activation mechanism is used in the development of activated carbon from the respective raw material.

Uses Involved
As we are much familiar with the fact that activated carbon plays a vital role in our lives.

The drinks have been purified with it.

The food we eat gets purified.

The clothes we wear go to the process of activated carbon to make them clean and germ-free.

Useful in industrial, scientific purposes and also in the military, bleaching of oils, and chemical solution.

The most important aspects of activated carbon are in the water purification and have a wide role in the same.

The coconut shell activated carbon is well versed in adapting the trihalomethane, pesticides, herbicides, and volatile organic compounds present in water and other solutions.

The presence of micropores in the coconut shell carbon provides them a tight and potent mechanical strength.

Helps In Reducing Gas In the Body
The ingredients like sugar and lactose can trigger and block gas in the body. To take the step in the same activated carbon can allow releasing the gas without being letting the absorbent of gas in the body
Drug Antidote
It can serve as the antidote of the overconsumption of drugs. The result depends upon the dosage intake and the administered process.

Healthy Kidney Functioning
As we know the kidney serves as the filters for the body, people suffering from kidney problems can be tough to remove toxins and hence the use of activated carbon recommended by a doctor.

Helps In Oral Health
The popular use of coconut shell activated carbon is used in toothpaste. It is used as the teeth whitener and helps in maintaining the PH level by maintaining the cavity.

Types Of Activated Carbon
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
They are formed by milling and sieving and are irregularly shaped particles. Size is .2mm to 5 mm
  • Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC)
They have a particle size ranging from 5 to 150 Å, they serve as an advantage of lower processing costs and their flexibility in operation.
  • Extruded carbon
They are cylindrical pellets ranging from 1mm to 5mm. the pellets form to provide a low system pressure drop that is important in gas phase uses.

 Coconut Shell Activated Carbon In Your Daily Life
Due to the ability of activated carbon to draw out the toxins present in air and water it is highly used in our day to day lives.

It can be very useful to make a part of our lives and also to live a healthy way.

It is in huge demand in various industries that allow them to make the products through which the individuals can get benefits.

It is available in fine granules and powdered form. It works by trapping chemicals and toxins.

It is a type of material that is useful in detoxification, combating bad odor, water treatment, etc.