Contrary to popular belief, someone hitting you in the head from a rifle is quite rare, and most often than not accidental. The reason why wearing a ballistic helmet is mandatory in a dangerous situation is because of explosions. These buggers can bring shards and shrapnel from all kinds of angles and will often be thrown by people outside your line of sight.
Ballistic Helmet

There are three things that ballistic helmets will protect you from:
  • Explosive blasts, shrapnel, and shards
  • Debris, explosive or potential
  • Handgun shots
For trash and debris, most people will notice the protection from potential objects listed in some manuals. These are not chunks that may or may not hit you but refers to the ones above your head that have potential force in them. If they are moved that force turns into kinetic and may incapacitate you quite quickly.
High Cut Helmets for Speed

Weight is a constant issue for both military and security personnel. The more you carry the slower you get, lowering your operational capacity and endurance.

For missions where speed and maneuverability, as well as vocal commands, are essential, you will want to have a high cut helmet that will not burden you too much. Helmets like the HCBH™ High Cut Ballistic Helmet are made to be put on quickly and will protect you from ballistic projectiles from explosives or sidearms.

These helmets are easy to combine with any type of communication device, or other utility features like a camera or flashlight. If you are engaging in a variety of missions and are not sure about the demands in advance, this may be a good solution for versatility.

Low Cut Helmets for Maximum Protection

In many cases, you will want to have as much protection as possible, especially for your vital organs, such as your brain.

Low cut ballistic helmets are heavier, but modern ones like the LCBH™ from UARM that are made from Teijin Twaron® and similar novel materials will weigh less than 4 pounds even for the largest models.

Ideally, you want to use the ballistic helmet in quick and decisive missions where you know you will encounter explosives, or at least there is a high possibility of such a thing happening. Combined with other armour, they will protect you from multiple angles, giving you the ability to brush off even relatively close blasts and keep on fighting.
Use with Auxiliary Armor

Often disregarded in favor of larger armor pieces, auxiliary armor is something you always want to use with your low cut helmets. If the situation demands that you shield as much as your head as possible with armor, you don’t want to forget your neck and shoulders.

Making an optimal balance of protection and weight is always necessary, but if you are rushing into an area where you can be attacked and bombarded from any side, you want as much of your vitals to be covered.

If you select the correct armor, your every engagement will be as safe as possible, letting your continue fighting unscathed!