Several factors make a brand successful! Brand awareness is a crucial factor that no company should avoid. Small start-up businesses, from time to time, witness the issue of obscurity. However, with correct brand awareness campaigns can help small start-ups to grow their market share. It also helps to enhance the sales volumes and also maintain true consumer loyalty. The new-age business market is constantly changing and is competitive. Hence, small businesses must implement smart brand awareness ideas.

Starting and operating a business needs ample time and effort! And a few small business start-up entrepreneurs might not give as much importance to brand awareness as they should. However, once they are aware of the advantages of the correct brand awareness program, they will make that a priority.

Small start-up businesses always are faced with cash issues! Since they are not making ample profits, they need to make reasonable use of their cash. However, still, they need to have an engaging marketing content that will capture the customers' attention and retain the same as well. And here, efficient brand awareness has a vital role to play. That's what experts like Eric J Dalius and others suggest. That will allow the customers to identify the unique selling points of a brand, research on the same, and finally make a transaction.

Why does Eric Dalius consider brand awareness essential?

Simply put, brand awareness gets defined as the identification of your company and product by the customers. It can provide you a competitive edge in your industry. When you are making a purchase, chances are you will buy something about which you have an idea. Not many people purchase a completely new product. Hence, brand awareness campaigns help customers to get to know a brand, its products, its benefits, price point, and how it is better than other options available in the market. And that will push them towards making a purchase.

The additional advantage of a successful brand awareness strategy is getting new customers. It also provides small start-ups a competitive advantage over other companies through a word of mouth publicity. Also, it helps in generating loyal customers who can introduce brand new products in the market and maximize sales. Loyal customers feel proud to share their best brands and their products on social media.

It is essential to know what happens when a company doesn't spend adequately on its brand awareness? Naturally, their customers will start to forget about the brand and its products. Since the market is replete with other brands and attractive products, customers need to have the required brand recall. Big companies can still run based on the brand name or legacy that they have created. But small start-ups need to follow brand awareness activities more to stay in the market and thrive.

Since most small start-ups have limited cash, it is essential to spend smartly on brand awareness activities. A few of the smart and easy ways are as follows:

Social media campaigns

All your target customers are on social media networks! You can use this to maximize your sales and also let other people know about your brands. You can choose to have profiles in two or three social media networks, i.e., Instagram and Facebook. It is necessary to share regular posts. Hence, when you have too many profiles, posting from each one of them can be tiring. Also, you might miss out on replying to your customer queries, which can create a block between you and your online followers and customers.

You can also run ads on social media. Usually, Facebook and Instagram have maximum users and subscribers. So, if you choose the affordable ad packages in these two social media channels, you can make the most of its reach and subscriber base. Your brand products will appear as sponsored posts, which is what most small start-up companies' opt-in for. You will receive questions and also product orders. Make sure that you post regularly. Also, answer customer queries, as that's the first point of converting a random user to your follower and then a customer.

Word of mouth publicity

If your friend praises about a brand, chances are you will Google about it at the earliest. And if you find a few more testimonials affirming to what your friend said and the product catering to your need, you will make a purchase. Even if you don't make the purchase right away, you will ask the required questions and then place a product order. That's how word of mouth publicity works. And small start-up businesses can leverage this. If you have a list of happy customers, request them to write a testimonial. Or have a brand grading system as that makes the feedback easy for them. Share both the grading results and testimonials on your website and social media page. It will give other customers the necessary input to get curious about your brand.

Resort to video marketing

If you thought that image posts could generate curiosity and add to your brand value, you need to explore video marketing. Many small start-up businesses have reached millions through their exciting video content and generated a stir and curiosity, amongst others. However, before you go onto make a video talking about your brand and its products, make sure you decide to add top-notch images, videos, and content. The idea here is not to be sales-y, but informative. If you can add a touch of humor and entertainment in your videos, your audience will have more reasons to stay engaged. Successful entrepreneurs have always counted on the power of "infotainment".

Small start-up entrepreneurs needn't be expert graphic designers to create fantastic videos. Tools like Venngage and Canva can make the task easy for you. Take time to think about how you can make your videos engaging for your customers. You can make use of industry reports, data, charts as well as trending content for creating useful content. It will give you certain credibility and authentic voice that your target customers are looking for.

Are you a small start-up business entrepreneur? If yes, then you can opt-in for the guidelines mentioned above to maximize your brand awareness and get the profits.