A jacket is a symbol of warmth, security, and warmth. This is the first piece of clothing that shows your style. This shows the importance of carefully choosing the jacket that you wear.

Every man’s closet should have an appropriate set of jackets for different occasions. Moreover, these jackets should complement his different outfits. Check out https://matchinggear.com/  too if you want to match with your girl. Also, just like any other piece of fashion, you shouldn’t forget about the fit.

Before buying a jacket from varsity jackets, it’s important to make sure that it fits your body shape, in addition to adding elegance and class to your appearance. You shouldn’t be contented with an average fitting jacket. If you go shopping for a jacket, make sure that you get a jacket designed for your body. With that said, let’s look at the 8 jackets that every man should own.

Denim Jacket

For many ages, denim jackets have continued to give that cool and calm appearance. So, if you don’t have one—what’s stopping you from getting it? Apart from their great appearance, denim jackets are very versatile, as well as durable.

Even though denim jackets are ideal as daytime outfits for both autumn and spring, they are also perfect for winter and summer. In winter, you can wear a denim jacket with an overcoat, roll-neck sweater, and boot. In summer, you can pair your denim jacket with chinos, t-shirt, and sneakers. All these outfit styles will give you a cool appearance.

Bomber Jacket

This jacket is also referred to as a flight jacket. It originates from a style that was previously worn by members of the United States Air Force. This short and durable men’s jacket features elastic and fitted cuffs and waist.

However, bomber jackets have turned out to become some of the best among men of different ages and occupations. This is attributed to the casual, stylish appearance of this jacket. Today’s bomber jackets come in three styles—wool, leather, and nylon. Any of these styles will give you a rugged appearance, which will make you stand out during the weekends.

Trucker Jacket

This is an iconic men’s outfit made by Levi’s, and it’s been a favorite among men of different ages. Trucker jackets feature a short and fitted style, which can be recognized by its double chest and button front pockets. These jackets mostly come in blue denim options.

But, we also have other options that are in different colors, like black and brown, shearling-trimmed style, and suede styles among others. However, no matter the style that you select, a trucker jacket will give you an amazing casual appearance.

Biker Jacket

There’s a common misconception amongst some men—that you should have a motorcycle to look good in a biker jacket. However, that’s not true. All you need is the right attitude. Therefore, if you want to show your defiant spirit, just replace your normal blazer with a rugged biker jacket.

Typically, biker jackets are short, and close-fitting. Their main material is black leather, which is complemented by silver hardware, like studs and zips. This makes biker jackets the perfect outfit to add some edge to your appearance.

Track Jacket

Athleisure has irrefutably turned out to become of the most amazing trends in this decade. That’s why the common track jackets we see are at the top of the fashion triangle. Track jackets, are typically lightweight, with a comfortable zip-front are ideally designed for sports. However, they are also ideal for different occasions.

Their style features ribbed waistband and cuffs, and they usually come with identical track pants. You don’t have to wear the matching set if you feel uncomfortable. However, you can always pair your track jacket with jeans for that sporty and stylish appearance.

Hooded Jacket

Also known as hoodies, they will give you an amazingly cool appearance. Hoodies come in different styles, and they normally assist in keeping your face and hair dry during wet weather. But, the most interesting thing is, hooded jackets will give you a stylish appearance as they keep you dry.

If you want to achieve that laid-back appearance, make sure that you select the right hoodie style. The common styles of hooded jackets include thick puffer, cotton style, and patterned-nylon style, among others.


Every man needs an outfit that can endure wet weather, while still giving him a stylish look. Raincoats will definitely serve that purpose. What you need is to select a raincoat that you believe fits your style.

If you want to achieve a polished look, consider raincoats with neutral hues as well as classic collard designs. But, if you need something a bit playful and relaxed, consider hooded-design raincoats, with a unique print and bright color.

Trench Coat

Trench coats have a very ironic military history. Did you know that trench coats were soldiers’ favorite during the First World War? Well, now you know. However, trench coats have turned out to become a favorite for every modern man.

These coats have a lightweight, but a protective style. Adding one to your closet is a good way to make sure that you have something stylish for autumn days.

Bonus: parka

Parkers are typically casual jackets designed for cold weather. These jackets are mostly stuffed with synthetic or down fiber. At times, you can also find parka jackets with a fur-lined hood.

These are the perfect outfits for informal winter outdoor events—thanks to their warm and calm styles. All you need is to pair your parka jacket with jeans and boots or sneakers to achieve that fashionably laid-back appearance.