Coming up with a great content marketing strategy is crucial for every business that’s why many people invest in hiring the best employees and outsourcing creative content strategists such as experts from a Digital Marketing Agency. Top marketers incorporate content curation as a part of their content distribution strategy. Some may even have up to 50% curated content while original or owned is just 30% of their content.

Curated contents are information or topics relevant to a particular area of interest that you share online to provide value. You discover and gather this type of content then you adjust to create your own post, or you can share the link with your own commentary. You curate content by doing research or using content creation tools and social media platforms.

Here are some benefits on why you should do content curation:

Content Strategy

  • Saves time and effort. If you have a huge full-time content creation team, time may not be your enemy. You can create original content every day. However, for most businesses and brands, content curation saves a lot of time, from thinking, designing, and producing the actual content. It adds to your content production without spending more time and resources.
  • Contributes to your credibility. Curating content from high-quality sources helps you establish your brand as an expert in your industry. If your audience sees that you share valuable and reliable content, they will also trust you. They would presume that you also can help them with their problems. Being able to provide a credible content is essential and content curators should have an excellent skill in research.
  • Shows that you’re in the game. Providing a curated content also shows that you know what’s happening in your industry. As a thought-leader, you should keep up with the trends in your chosen niche. When you research which content can be shared, you are exposed to new topics and different perspectives. Then, you do your own spin by expressing your own view on the caption or comments of your post. It also allows you to get creative with words and expand your knowledge in the industry.
  • Grows your network. Curating content attracts users outside your current networks. Industry experts could find you and may become interested in partnering or collaborating with you. If they do not find you as a competitor, they may also share your original content and use it as their curated content. This could also be an opportunity to connect with successful people and top businessmen in the industry you are in.
  • Contributes to brand awareness. As more people get to see your site everywhere, you will reach more audiences who can start communicating with you or ask about your brand. The quality content you curated could add value to your brand and generate new leads.

Bonus Tip!

Make sure that your curated content did not come from your competitor’s site. While you may check their content, curating from other sources other than your competitors will give you credible sources without losing your style and personality. Also, always consider your target audience in curating content. What value does it have for them? Finally, make sure that it comes from a trustworthy source. If you’re stating facts and statistical data, make sure to search for more than one resource to ensure its accuracy.