Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay 

These Brands are Also Making the Fight Against Corona a Victory

We are well aware of the fact that corona disease is not only limited to China’s Wuhan province only anymore. It is spreading like wildfire in the entire world and one after another, all countries are slowly being the scapegoat of this dreadful virus. By far, we have completely understood that the world was never completely ready to fight this fearsome disease that took place in China three months ago. Besides casualty impact, the corona outbreak is causing a crisis and financial impact on the world as well. Industries are closed, the shutter of shops are shut down, all the showrooms in Jaipur that used to sell party wear dresses for women and designer ethnic wear for women are also not operating really well. 

Yes, even the fashion industry is not left untouched with the effects of the pandemic and it is getting high and high with each single day passing. Storeowners and markets don’t know for how long the pandemic will stay uncured and how long the government keeps the lockdown on. However, like us, all the businessmen, fashion industry workers, models, cloth designers, tailors, and fabric manufacturers are just sitting at their homes with eyes fixed on TVs to get good news in the next moment. 

All the reputed Indian brands including Raymonds, Indian Terrain, Lee Cooper, Allen Solly, Khadim, and Manyawar, and so much more have shut down their physical stores. On the other hand, foreign brands are no exception. Consider all the big names that come into your mind: Everlane, Nike, Net-a-porter, Reformation, Revolve, and many more are out of flowing business currently. No one knew that the frightening aura emanating from the coronavirus will cause such a bad impact on their brands. And not only brands, even the well-known fashion, and red carpet events have either been canceled or put to a significant hold until further notice. Did you know the Met Gala event is not going to be conducted on the scheduled date now? Not even the Olympics. Pretty scary right? 

But as we always say, the human race has been the most persistent race ever to come into existence. And the people of the world have seemed to join hands to fight this pandemic with all the defensive weapons they can. Yes, one such brand is the fashion brands around the globe. These brands have put their manufacturing houses and delivery vehicles to special use. Since their physical stores were shut down and no person was able to order online, these brands analyzed what are the most important things that are required in the world today. With the resources they have in their hands, they finalized that they should be using their equipment to procure and deliver Masks, gowns, gloves, and other important stuff. 

On a side note, we will urge everyone who is reading this blog to maintain social distancing, avoid being a part of a gathering, avoid going out unless utterly necessary, and wash their hands with liquid soap as often as possible to keep you and your family safe from the coronavirus outbreak. So let’s move on to discuss what the prominent fashion brands of the world are contributing to fight for the cause: 

Calzedonia Group which has a long-known heritage in the world of fashion is converting its plants or you can say manufacturing units to produce medical masks that would be delivered to the medical staff in the surrounding areas. They are also procuring gowns using newly acquired advanced machinery for the same purpose. The brand’s owners just made it clear that it will be able to roll out a whopping number of 10,000 masks per day which will not only help the medical professionals but also the population as well. They are likely to increase the number in the coming weeks.

If you probably heard about Vera Bradley, another fashion brand from the USA, you should be proud as they have announced that they will use the brand’s own fabric which they usually use to manufacture handbags and accessories, to roll out a certain number of face masks for doctors and workers in the health industry. They have also contacted their suppliers to deliver their masks in the different parts of the country.