Maxulin is made from natural ingredients to minimize side effects. It has been reported that someone had mild stomach upset and if you were to be one of the few you can try taking Maxulin in conjunction with a meal to facilitate. This is an article originaly posted on the swedish site to better help men and their health.

But is the supplement a scam? No, Maxulin has in several studies shown a documented effect and you can read about several studies on their website.

Ingredients of the supplement

Maxulin contains four carefully selected ingredients to make you feel like a man.

                       Testofen® is a patented extract of fenugreek that helps you release bound testosterone
                       Zinc  maintains testosterone levels at normal levels
                       Vitamin B6 that helps you with fatigue and fatigue
                       Magnesium  get a normal energy conversion

The test furnace is the most important and patented ingredient found in Maxulin that helps you develop muscle mass and maintain a good burn. In an 8-week study with Testofen, it was possible to show a better body composition for those who took Testofen against the placebo group who did not take Testofen. Body fat decreased and strength increased significantly more than those given placebo.

Check with your doctor first!

Testosterone levels are individual, as is how we respond to the hormone. Therefore, there are large variations in the individual man, but you learn to "manage" his level. The increase in testosterone content described in the first paragraph should not have any visible effects such as increased stress, although this is difficult to say with certainty. There is still much to learn about male hormone play”. That is why you first should check with your doctor before using any supplement!