Do you want to count your first shot? Are you trying to hit more greens? Then you have to choose the right driver. A strong tee shot is the first required to make a successful golf round. 

Day by day, technology is getting more advanced so that the size, launch angle, composition of drivers are improving. As a result, there is a massive array of drivers on the market with their own features and advantages. It is tough to choose the best driver from numerous categories. So here are some facts to consider before deciding what is the best driver in golf.

How does the driver work?
The driver contains the wood category of golf clubs. Typically the driver is the longest club in the golf bag, which has the biggest head of any club. The driver is used to produce the most distance tee shot. Drivers reduce tendency providing less loft. So it is used for the first stroke on par 4s or par 5s tee shots and sometimes on very long par 3s. The driver club needs to be at every level before heading to the course. It is the most expensive club from all golf clubs.

Which one is good?
A standard driver designed with 43-47 inches shaft for both men and women. Usually, 1 inch shorter shaft is perfect for women golfers. The longer driver can coverage more extended yards. But you have to match your body size and the shaft size. With the right shaft, you can attain a combination of distance and accuracy.

The ideal driver features a 380-460cc head size and a loft between 7-12°. Modern driver heads are made of various materials such as titanium, steel, graphite, or a mixture of several elements. For its size, it is the most challenging club to handle that hit with accuracy. 

How to maintain the golf driver?
It is a little bit tricky to maintain the golf driver, as this is the largest club in the golf bag. You will swing it faster, so you need a strong base.  So widen your stance to get a good grip.

Perfect swing gets in the accurate position, so take a time top of the backswing. Iron shots hit with a downward angle, so sweeping motion is the best way for the shot at impacting correctly.

Most of the golfers hit the driver as hard as possible. As a result, sometimes they lose balance within their swing. So don't swing with 100% effort. Swing the driver slightly less so that you can balance in time. 

Finally, the proper target needs for a successful hit. If you expect to obtain the most from your swing, make sure you have the proper target. So using these tips, you can maintain your golf driver well.

Some modern driver clubs have an adjustable feature so that you can adjust the face angle, loft, and angle using just a wrench without the club fitter. Many golfers said that adjustable offers you a lot of benefits. So our recommendation is the TaylorMadeR15 driver. This driver has metalwood technologies that help to give a sweet spot. With it, you can promote a higher launch with a lower swing.