There’s nothing like that feeling of slight dread when winter rolls around and you realise that you have to start layering and dressing for it, but somehow you seem to have nothing that’s warm enough or no outfits that come together at all. This mystery seems to crop up year after year and yet we are more than happy to chatter through the chill or buy cheap quick fixes that don’t even last us one season. Don’t you reckon that it’s high time we put a stop to those bad habits? Instead, we should all be hunting for high quality winter staples that will stay with us season after season. What staples you ask? Read on to find out…

Cable Knit Jumper

A classic cable knit jumper is the stuff of cosy dreams! This is a unisex staple and if you don’t have one in your wardrobe already then it’s high time you got hunting, don’t you think? Look for a chunky knit style with a crewneck and a slightly oversized feel, a muted beige or cream is the best way to go with this piece.

Sturdy Denim

Yes, you can wear denim all year round, no, you can’t wear thin elastic denim during winter. You just won’t be warm enough. Instead, opt for a thicker cut of denim that’s high in cotton content, you can also search for brushed styles as these tend to have more weight to them due to the extra design process. A darker indigo tone in a straight leg cut will go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe.

Leather Boots

Come on, we all need some leather (or pleather) boots to keep our feet protected from cold, wind and rain. You’ll want to invest in a timeless style that you know you’ll love wearing over and over again. A black or dark neutral such as wine or navy will be best for pairing with winter outfits. You can’t go wrong with Chelsea boots by all means take this as a chance to express your personal style with biker or pointed toe styles, whatever you like!


We lose a lot of heat out of our heads, and a beanie is a comfy yet cool way of insulating that precious warmth when we’re out and about. Look for a soft knit style in a mustard, dark green or cream for a nice pop of colour.


A chunky knit scarf will always, always come in handy no matter what outfit you're wearing or where it is that you’re wearing it to. Look for a tone that goes with everything such as grey or white.


Gloves will change your life if you don’t already wear them, they really help you to feel comfortable when you're chattering away in some truly gruelling conditions. Opt for leather or Gore-tex for a waterproof wear or go for cashmere or wool for something a little cosier.

Cashmere Socks

Our head and our feet are what provide the most of our warmth, so you should invest in a pair of socks that are going to keep you perfectly cosy without suffocating your toes. Cheaper materials lock in moisture and can lead to some less than desirable outcomes. Skip the cheap fabric and instead shop for cashmere socks for men and women. Cashmere is luxurious, breathable and long-lasting - well worth you money.

Insulating Jacket

A down or puffer jacket will lock in warmth and carry you through the whole of winter. These are majorly in style right now, and the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.