Since the outbreak of coronavirus happened in Wuhan, China in February 2020 and the price of Bitcoin collapsed in March, Bitcoin has not yet exceeded $7,500 and been oscillating at a low level. With the global economy in crisis, the crypto market is not immune. Digital currencies have a long way to go compared with traditional safe-haven assets like gold, that’s why whales will sell theirs’ crypto assets when the financial crisis hits. With it comes the cryptocurrency prices plunged across the board, almost to no exception.

Platform token is also inevitable. When the bull market comes, the trading demand surges and the price of platform token also rises. A bear market is the opposite. The March digital currency crash hit the platform tokens on a number of major exchanges. But we can still find some black horses. ZB Token is one of them.

In an article on platform token performance in the first quarter of 2020 published by CryptoRank, a well-known market website, ZB ranked second among the top five platform tokens, followed by OKB and HT. ZB rose as much as 23.7% in the first quarter of 2020, rising as high as $0.388.

Strong buyback and burn movements

ZB is the token of platform, which can be used to deduct transaction fee, lockup to get VIP and vote for listing. On Feb. 10, announced that -- Following the Burn of 1 billion ZB Tokens, ZB Team officially gave up all the allocated 293 million ZB Tokens. We will permanently burn the allocated tokens and 107 million ZB Tokens of ZB User Protection Fund. By then, totaled 1.4 billion ZB tokens will be burned. In future, the ZB tokens repurchased by from the secondary market will be directly burned, and are no longer sent to the ZB User Protection Fund. With this, ZB will enter an absolute quantity deflation phase.

As soon as the announcement was issued, the price of ZB soared by 17.6% that day. It can be seen that the substantial increase of ZB price is inseparable from the strong repurchase and burn of As the platform continues to repurchase and burn, the price of ZB is likely to continue to rise due to supply and demand. Investors who prefer to invest in platform token can consider ZB, and only platform token of large exchanges has investment value.

Continuous optimization and innovation of, one of the world's top 10 exchanges, also did well in the first quarter in 2020. According to authoritative data site Similar, ranked ninth among major exchanges in March 2020, with a total of 3.1 million views, higher than many first-tier exchanges.

In the ranking of trading volume and traffic of exchanges in March 2020 published by CryptoDiffer (data source: CryptoRank), ranked 15th. What is remarkable is that its transaction volume and traffic both showed positive growth in March.

In October 2019, released a new version of its APP, adding eight new features. Among them, the innovative functions are to add the function of group chat and digital currency red envelope, which brings rich social attributes to a crypto transaction APP and creates a new era of digital currency transaction APP.

In February, also launched the 10x leverage trading of USDT/QC, with the highlight of its promotion -- "no-explosion of funds". USDT is the stablecoin of USD and QC is the stablecoin of CNY.The price fluctuation of QC is small, but USDT will sometimes rise sharply due to the oversold situation caused by the sharp market fluctuation. During the bitcoin crash in March this year, USDT rose as high as $1.10, which will be a significant margin to make 10x leverage trading of USDT/QC

In the end

In addition to changes in supply and demand caused by buybacks and burn, the change of platform token price is also inseparable from the operation of the exchange itself.Platform token is for the platform itself, platform token will only increase when the platform is doing has captured coincircle's need for social interaction while offering innovative trading features that cater to market changes, making it a standout in a crowded exchange competition.