It's an exciting time when you're moving into an apartment. Even when there's a lot to do, putting together a new home is fulfilling. 

As you situate the furniture and accessories, don't forget to add little touches that make you smile.

It's nice making sure everything finds a place in your apartment. But, make an effort to infuse pieces of your personality throughout as well.

If you don't take the time to add your own flair, you'll have a hard time making it feel like home sweet home.

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Here are nine simple ways to feel at ease and enjoy your new home.

1. Have a Welcome Party

A fantastic start to making your place feel like home?

Throw yourself a welcome party! It doesn't have to be super fancy, but it'll be fun to invite some friends and family over.

Your apartment won't feel quite right until you start making new memories there.

Well, coco luxe melts uk is here to help you. you're in luck because making time to get together will create memories right from the get-go.

This will be the first part of many — so make it count!

2. Show off Sentimental Items

After the furniture and other essentials get situated, show off some sentimental belongings.

If there's a painting that your mom gave you or other decorations that make you feel joy, display them.

When you walk into the room and see sentimental items, you’ll feel happy.

Looking at them will remind you of the beautiful moments from your past and make you feel at home.

3. Choose a Trademark Scent

If there's a specific scent you love, add it to your apartment! Say one of your favourite scents happens to be vanilla. Get a few candles in that scent and put one in your bedroom and living room.

Or, if you prefer oils, get your diffuser set up and start diffusing your favourite blends. Lavender is always relaxing, lemon is so clean, and peppermint is energizing.

Having a candle or oils can help create a trademark scent in your home.

Guests who arrive will identify your home with that smell. And, they’ll feel at home right along beside you.

4. Designate Special Spots

It's hard to feel at home if you don't know where to find things.

Put your blankets somewhere they're easy to locate. And, put items you frequently use on easy-to-reach spots on shelves.

Are you planning to display your favourite books on a bookshelf? Get it set up, so you’ll know right where that classic book is!

The same thing goes for your pets. If your dog has its own bed, find the perfect spot for it. They'll love cuddling inside their bed and getting used to the new home. Seeing them settle in will help you more at ease too.

5. Enhance Your Natural Light

If there's not enough natural light in your apartment, you may need to switch things up.

Move a piece of furniture if it’s blocking light or invest in sheer curtains. Even if you aren't getting a lot of natural light, there are ways to usher it inside!

After all, having natural light in your apartment will result in feelings of bliss in a calming space.

6. Add Enough Storage

No one likes having a cluttered apartment. To avoid the mess, it's up to you to do your best to organize everything.

Sometimes it's easier said than done to keep the clutter at bay — especially if you have a lot of stuff.

But, even if you're tight on space, there are ways you can add “secret” storage.

Figure out storage solutions, such as installing drawers underneath the bed. And, you can use baskets and containers to keep everything in its proper place in closets.

Taking advantage of vertical storage space is also another solution. Get tall and skinny bookshelves or dressers to take advantage of all that wall space!

Your storage efforts will pay off, and if you keep after it, everything will stay organized.

7. Decide on Certain Colors

One important factor as you create an inviting home is deciding on the colour schemes you want.
Coming up with the right shades can make your home feel cosy and inviting.
Try to go with colours that you like and that complement your apartment as a whole.
After deciding on the right type of color palette, everything will start to come together.

8. Go For Low-Maintenance Plants

Plants in an apartment can make you feel right at home.

Nature adds a feeling of calmness and complements surrounding elements in a room. You can put them on a bookshelf, in your living room, and even on a kitchen counter!

To diversify things, put plants in various rooms to brighten the space. They'll also make you feel like you're in the great outdoors without even having to step outside!

9. Bring in the Cozy Factor

It's hard to make an apartment feel like home if it's not warm and cosy!

To bring in the cozy factor, add some extra throw pillows to your sofa. You could also put a soft and fuzzy blanket on your bed.

Another idea is to add a few plush area rugs in the kitchen and bathroom. Before it's time to go to bed, get in a fluffy bathrobe, and relax on the sofa.

You'll feel so comfy and peaceful! 

In Conclusion

Sometimes it's hard to feel at home right away when you move to somewhere new. It can be challenging getting used to a new location, let alone a new apartment.

So, be patient with yourself as you set up shop. It may take some time to select and add the right decorative elements. Slowly but surely — everything will start coming together.

As you begin transforming your new place into a home, don't forget to put sentimental pieces in place.

And, invite friends and family over for a fun celebration. With your loved ones in your apartment, it'll begin to feel like home in no time at all.

Author Bio:
Aaron Hunt is the Property Manager for The Urban, a student housing community near Ohio State University.