Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

Once you’ve decided to pursue an insurance career, you must determine if you want to be a captive insurance broker or an independent insurance agent. Both kinds of agents are legitimate insurance brokers that ca sell insurance products, however, both have their individual pros and cons. However, deciding to pursue a career as an independent insurance agent has more benefits. 


As an independent agent, you are the boss of your own agency and have the associated freedom. Like other business owners, you provide the start-up cash for the business and location and are the business owner of your agency. You can make the business decisions and determine the style of the business. Captive agents are employed by more giant corporations to be their own workers. They can only sell their insurance products to their clients. However, as an independent broker, you’ll own your own business and are free to sell multiple insurance products from more than one company. You can decide which insurance companies you want to represent and obtain certification from. You can then offer various insurance products to your clients. Becoming an independent insurance broker can submit your client's multiple options to fit their needs best. 


When you’re a business owner, you have the flexibility to work wherever and whenever you choose to do so. Many agents work from a coffee shop where they can meet up with clients comfortably. Others prefer to have an office setup to conduct business meetings. You have the flexibility to choose and the freedom to use your time to your preference. 

Knowledge About The Industry

Independent agents that represent various companies learn new information from each company frequently. You gain valuable knowledge about the industry and become a proficient and knowledgeable agent in the field in which you specialize. Captive agents only learn new information from their employer and a singular insurance agency. While captive agents can study and learn more independently, independent agents can continuously access further details. 

Service Orientated And Open-Mindedness

If these two characteristics form part of your personality, then the role of an independent insurance agent is right up your alley. The primary focus of an independent broker is serving their clients to the best of their ability. They are responsible for finding the best insurance product according to a client’s budget and needs. They must put in many hours to get to know their clients, learn more about their family members, and learn more about their financial situations. Instead of the client sifting through the many insurance agencies and products to find the right one, they can benefit from your expertise to see what they’re looking for. You search for the best insurance choices and offer them a policy and quote that suits them.


Numerous long-term benefits come with pursuing a career as an independent insurance broker, especially in the dire circumstances everyone faces with the coronavirus. It's worth looking into a stable career with the best financial stability.