The bathroom is the one space in your house whose utility seems simple and obvious. You can leave it as is, with only the basics, and ostensibly, things will be fine. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of making your home as cozy as possible, a safe haven from the harsh reality of the outside world. The bathroom can play a pivotal role in providing you a sanctuary in which you can relax and wind down after a bad week. The following are a few bathroom upgrades that you won’t regret - guaranteed.

Install a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers have become super trendy these days, especially in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Houston, primarily because they provide a beautifully modern look to any bathroom. They feel spacious - even if the master bathroom is technically on the small side - evoke elegance, and are easily accessible, which is especially important for those of us with weak knees or other impediments that don’t benefit from the height offered by a typical tub. As our experts over at TriFection Remodeling & Construction in Houston explain, there are a ton of models and styles to choose from, and you can invest in amenities such as stain- or moisture-resistant tiles. If you have the budget worked out, then this is one remodeling venture you will be thankful for.

Give Your Tiles an Upgrade

If you’re not entirely sure about upgrading to a walk-in shower just yet, you can still give your bathroom a much-needed change by focusing on retiling. You can re-tile the floor or the tiles in your shower. There are tons of colors and patterns to choose from, and furthermore, you can add a practical amenity such as the aforementioned stain-resistant tiles. This way, not only will the bathroom look more inviting, but it will also be a lot easier for you to clean in the long run.

Add Vintage Touches

Rustic or vintage style decor is often welcome in the bathroom as they make it a warmer space that holds all your necessities, while still feeling as though you are staying at a bed and breakfast over in Vermont. For example, you can replace your medicine cabinet with a beautiful, antiquey wooden one that still serves its purpose while adding a unique touch. You can do the same for your bathroom mirror; change it to something that has a simple yet elegant frame, or add some soft spotlights for that movie star touch.

Shower Storage

A shower caddy is important to have in any bathroom, although those can get rusty and icky after a few months. To circumvent that, you can get some easy-to-install shower shelves that can neatly fit into the corners, and handily carry your soaps and shampoos. This is a pretty cheap yet super practical amenity that quickly adds a measure of comfort to your bathroom.

All in all, don’t underestimate the value of making your bathroom more comfortable and transforming it into a nicer space to look at after a rough day. You and your loved ones won’t regret changing things up a bit. In fact, you will definitely appreciate the fact that you have managed to create a mini spa right in your own home.