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If you're fairly new to vaping, you may become frustrated to find that your new vape pen appears to be leaking. Vapes use e-liquid, and when this liquid leaks from the tank and onto your mouthpiece, it can ruin your entire vaping experience. E-liquid doesn't taste great, and it's not meant to be consumed. Here are a few tips that will help you to solve any leaks in your vape and get you back on track to enjoy your vaping without any unexpected liquid.

Fill your tank carefully.

Most leaks are caused by improper filling. It’s crucial that you take care to refill your vape tank carefully to reduce the risk of unexpected leaks. You’ll find some great tips on filling vapes at There's usually a small gap in the tank where liquid should be inserted. If you accidentally spill liquid into the chimney of the device, which runs down the middle of the pen, you may find that the tank makes a gurgling sound. This is the first sign that a leak is about to occur. If you do spill e-liquid into the wrong part of the vape, carefully wipe it up with some paper towel to reduce the risk of future leaks. 

Check the o-ring.

O-rings are flexible rubber seals used to stop leaks in a range of devices. Vape pens have o-rings at the top and the bottom of the tank. If you notice that your vape is leaking consistently even though you're filling it correctly, you may be dealing with a faulty o-ring. If the o-ring becomes ripped or damaged, the liquid will seep through the gap. Replacement o-rings can usually be ordered online, and most vaping companies will provide comprehensive instructions on how to replace them yourself. 

Store your vape vertically.

Many people don’t realize that vapes need to be stored in a certain way. If you tend to carry your vape around in a bag in a horizontal position, it’s likely that juice will begin to leak out of the device’s airflow hole. Whether your device is leaking or not, it’s always best practice to carefully store your vape in an upright position to avoid any leaks.

Blow through the mouthpiece.

If you've recently experienced a leak and have solved the problem, there may be some liquid left in the mouthpiece that's continuing to ruin your vaping experience. To solve this issue, simply remove the mouthpiece and blow through it to push out any excess liquid to the other side. Then, wipe up any droplets with a piece of tissue.

Final Thoughts

There you have it - all of the ways to troubleshoot leaky vapes. If you're still experiencing leaking issues with your vape, you may be dealing with a more serious fault in the device. We recommend taking it into a store or sending it back to the manufacturer. Most high-quality vapes shouldn't leak. If your issue is with a cheaper model, it may simply be best to look into a new type of vape.