A language is an essential tool for communication. More than just a means of conveying ideas and thought, it also plays a vital role in building friendships, cultural ties, and economic relationships. Moreover, language differentiates the variation and also commemorates the distinctiveness of cultures in a nation or a religion. 

It determines the way people view the world and also helps to identify the cultures of society. It opens the mind and leads people to a miraculous world. Human language is distinct, as it is an indicator system of communication that is learned rather than getting inherited.

The importance of language can be understood better with the role it plays, its three important functions are:

1.      The major function of language is to convey any information. This role accepts or rejects the suppositions including factual statements or scientific facts. It helps to state the facts and information clearly.
2.      The second function is to express the emotions or thoughts of a person. Literature has other forms, including poetry, to convey inner feelings better.
3.      The directive function of language guides a person to take some action. People get it in the form of commands or requests. 


The English language is considered the first common language across the globe. In the modern world, the English language is involved in the integral component of every field in existence. It is an international medium of communication, information, entertainment, technology, science, and so on. The knowledge of this lingua franca has become important for everyone, and those who have a good command over it get access to the pool of career opportunities. English has become an inevitable need for a large number of fields and professions, including medicine and computing.

In this globalized world, it has become imperative to have knowledge of modern and updated technologies, along with the branches of science. There is a great need for a language in common that can be understood throughout the nation and gives access to all data and information. The most advanced inventions and discoveries in technology and science are made in institutions situated in nations like the United States, where the language is a medium of scientific discourse.


1.      INTERNET

With the instant rise of Information Technology, particularly in the world connected and dependent on the internet, English rules its users. The language is required to be efficient in the world of the internet. It has now opened the doors to opportunities for a thriving career for every citizen globally. The internet has played a significant role to promote and spreading the language worldwide and exposing it to more and more people, making it a language of common use.


The education field has expanded the importance of the English language. A large number of materials, books, and other resources are all in English. The universal educational systems in educational institutions across the globe have this language as a requirement. Also, the individuals who are earning their education across the geographical boundaries of their country use it as a medium of learning and communication. The knowledge of the lingua franca has broadened the ways of learning.


The most important characteristic of a language is to convey thoughts and ideas properly. Therefore, English is a strong tool in communication. In order to converse successfully, a person requires a language that is understood by a large number of people. For several years, English has turned into a common language that is understood globally. In different words, English has become a powerful tool to connect with everyone globally.

4.      TRAVEL

After Mandarin Chinese, English is the second most spoken language across the globe. If interested, you can learn Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong as there are many courses available there. Several facts state that nearly three hundred and fifty million people out of nearly six billion people speak English. It is also the language for international business. Several countries in the world use English for governance. Language differs from country to country, therefore, while travelling internationally, it becomes an easy medium to communicate.

5.      BUSINESS

English has become the business language in today’s world.  A large number of companies have stepped into exporting the production to cut down their costs. In simpler words, firms across the globe are off-shoring and outsourcing businesses. Now, in order to exchange ideas with business people from different countries, English has become an important tool. It can also be called a trading language throughout the world to a great extent.  The proper knowledge of English opens up chances to become more successful as a businessman worldwide.


English is a globally accepted language and has a huge and intriguing history including invasions, influences across the globe, and spans wars. A large number of cultures are connected with it and they have helped to structure modern English such as Vikings, French, and Romans. This is the reason why it is also called a hybrid language that consists of Germanic, Latin, and Roman elements.


As everyone knows that Hollywood is the centre of global entertainment, therefore, it is natural for it to be the main language for making films and series. Even though movies have subtitles added or are dubbed over, but they are enjoyed the most in the language it was originally created. That is another reason why English holds the credit of being called a global language.


It is not wrong to say that languages are a crucial part of society. It is connected with mutual understanding globally, improvement in modes of education, connectivity with the world, and a lot more.

Globally accepted English was initially the language of England, however, with the historic efforts put by the British Empire, it became the first or second language of many previous British Colonies including Australia, Canada, India, and the United States. Now, it has become a medium for many other nations connected with them. It is the language of business, international banking, and entertainment.