bank branch

People are increasingly relying on mobile banking when conducting financial tasks. However, they still depend on the one on one interactions at the bank, for example, when looking for financial advice or looking for other services. There are over 10611 PNC bank branches that you can visit in the country for that personal one on one touch. You can follow this link and click on and fill in your location under the section written PNC Bank near me to find a local branch.

There has been increasing debate on whether bank branches may die: However, if any recent studies and surveys are to be believed, there is no likelihood of that. Millennials rank high among customers who still depend on bank branches saying that they are more likely to open a bank account in a bank that is near them. The in-person experience offered at the bank is still vital to customers. The survey had 9500 participants. Among the respondents, one-fifth had visited their bank branches in the past 90 days seeking information on new products and services with those who did register a high satisfaction with the bank.

There are various reasons why people still prefer going to the bank. These are:

  • Fostered trust: When it comes to finances, people still expect a bank to have a physical location that they can visit to air their concerns. Having a one on one interaction with a bank staff helps in fostering trust that your money is safe. You also get to have very complicated issues resolved and feel reassured when you visit your bank. Customers use those visits to deepen the relationship that they have with the bank. If there is an issue, it will still result in visiting the bank even when a digital platform is available to them.
  • Services that are offered: It is possible to think that the internet has all that we need in terms of financial advice, but this is not the case. Even if the information is available, you will still need to talk to someone whom you trust about the various options that you have. You will need guidance in selecting the best financial product, be it a mortgage, personal loan, or even an investment plan from someone who is well equipped with information. This is where your bank comes in. It has employed in its staff members who can guide you through the numerous information that you are exposed to online. Apart from the advice, you will also need help when applying for a loan facility, mortgage, or when you want to go for a particular investment product.
  • A bank branch is very useful in maintaining the bank's brand image: This is where customers become familiar with the bank's reputation, an essential factor when they are giving referrals.
However, mobile banking is still increasingly popular and continues to gain a high adoption rate in the market place as more people get comfortable with making transactions on their phones. It is most likely going to bring a reinvention in the banking center. There are various advantages of using mobile banking. They include:
  • They are available anytime, anywhere, as they operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Customers are more empowered to send and access money without any interruptions, as there is no middleman.
  • Customers are able to access paperless statements, which is good for the environment. There is also no need for a middleman here as they can generate the statement automatically when they need it.
  • It is advantageous to the banks also as it can help them know their customers better. They can offer personalized services by studying customer's profiles as well as their financial habits.
  • Mobile banking has made it easier to provide fast solutions to customers. Using the features on the phone, customers can upload their details to banks' software and initiate requests such as opening accounts. The KYC is then stored in one easy to access database. This is also a good feature when it comes to mitigating fraud.
  • The use of smartphones makes it easy to offer services based on location. In the wake of increased cyber fraud and identity theft, it helps in flagging any transactions that can happen in a different suspicious location.
  • Mobile banking using features like a two-step verification process and generation of a One Time Pin (OTP) can help in the fight against fraud and increased cybersecurity.
  • Rewarding customers with loyalty points for using the app is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Mobile banking options such as an app chat feature can allow customers to reach easily should they require any assistance.
Banking, as we know it, keeps changing to suit the customers' needs. In as much the fundamentals may not change, banks may be required to re-innovate.