Depending on your nationality and cultural background, we are all subjected to different customs when it comes to drinking alcohol. Liquors play a rather important role in our way to socialize and interact with other people.

In western countries, we can find whisky as one of the most iconic drinks. On the other hand, in Asia, Chinese baijiu is without doubt, the most popular liquor. 

As people are growing more and more interested in baijiu, we would like to share with you how to properly drink Chinese Baijiu and appreciate it better.

First Impression

During their stay in China, most foreigners, have at least tried drinking Chinese baijiu once.  

Usually, baijiu is offered during both formal and informal dinner table. The host is responsible to invite each guest to have a toast, this is a sign of respect towards the guests. Following the host, the other guests have to toast with each other and return the toast to the host as well. 

Remember, it is considered impolite to turn down the host when you’re invited to. It could be difficult in the beginning though, it will surely be a fun and unforgiving experience.

How to Appreciate Chinese Baijiu

Spirits tasting is not as simple as it looks like. When it comes to professional tasting of baijiu, color, aroma, and flavor must be evaluated just like the other famous spirits in the world.

First, observing the color and transparency of the liquid and check if there is any sediment in it. Premium -quality Chinese baijiu is clear without any impurities.

Second, sniff the fragrances, you could tell the different types of baijiu by the aroma, such as light-aroma, strong-aroma and sauce-aroma. The superior distilled liquor can be recognized by its natural scent of fruits and flowers.

At last, take a small sip and let it linger on your palates before swallow. After taste is also important in baijiu just like wines, better quality leaves smoother aftertaste.

Normally, the alcohol content of baijiu is 25-60%. If you are not a fan of high alcohol spirits, light-aroma (25-42%) could win your heart.

There’re many light-aroma baijiu brands in China, in recently years, Jiangxiaobai PURE that produced by Jiangji Distillery arose in international market with its silky texture and subtle sweet aftertaste. Smooth, light and pure could be a fine introduction for you to Chinese baijiu.

Baijiu cocktail is getting trendy now, instead of being appreciated by neat, more and more bartenders have discovered the charm of baijiu in cocktails. The champion of World Cocktail Championship 2019 won the medal by using Jiangxiaobai as base.

As the sixth most consumed spirit in the world, Chinese baijiu should be recognized by both young Chinese and foreign consumers not only for its marvelous flavor, but also for its profound culture background