You have heard about the term Ripple or XRP right from late 2017 and in early 2018. Ripple has currently partnered up with major financial providers like the UBS, SAMA, Western Union and Santander with the aim to make cross-border based payment experience reliable immediate and low-costing. The initial 3 months were pretty hard on Ripple but it took a turn towards betterment soon enough. Now, more and more people are into the world of ripple and looking for ways to buy it and from where. Let’s find out more about that in here.

Ways to purchase Ripple using USD:

You can easily exchange Ripple for the US dollars at Bitsane, Gatehub,, Bitfinex, and Exmo, to name a few. For that, you have to first create an account. 
  • Visit the online site and then its registration form. Here, you have to provide your email address, name, and country. You will receive one email with your user ID and password. Then get to the site and login. Make sure to change your password ASAP.
  • Later, you have to verify the account. Based on your situation, you can either select corporate verification or personal verification. You might have to submit full personal information with a higher quality image of ID document and some residential proof like a utility bill, bank account statement, or even government-issued document.
  • When the account remains verified, you can deposit funds. Select SEPA or the international bank transfer, based on your living area. Fill out the banking information before selecting a “deposit.” You will get to see the banking information. For depositing funds, send a transfer from bank account under your name.
  • To beli xrp on such platforms, you have to select the proper market and then complete your necessary order in the main account. Type the amount you want to invest and then click on the buy window. When the transaction stands complete, check that XRP has been proficiently added to the balance.
  • The purchasing methods remain more or less the same on Kraken, and more. There are some interesting platforms about which you need to learn before you make the right choice.

The first one is Coinbase:

Coinbase happens to be one of the reputable exchanges in the world and has been into the business since 2012. The team working under this section has made it pretty simple for anyone to just get into the world of cryptocurrency. All you have to do is just make one account and link the preferred payment mode and then start purchasing. However, if you are currently based in the USA, most of the credit card purchases might remain disabled.

Coinmama is another spot:

Another excellent option for those willing to purchase XRP and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Coinmama is one option for you to navigate. You can visit the buy tab and enter the amount that you are willing to purchase. Then you will be asked for one withdrawal address. But, you better remember that this source will not provide you with any wallet for storing purchased cryptocurrency. In its place, they will ask you for one such wallet where they can send you the purchased currency.

With a reliable customer base and years of experience, Coinmama has its own reputation to consider. So, you can rely on this platform for purchasing Bitcoin with ease.


Another interesting platform, which might be separating itself from any of the other exchanges, will be Bitpanda. It does that by providing multiple payment methods and crypto currencies with XRP being one of them. However, this platform is designed to sell crypto currencies only in European regions but will have some of the most competitive fees and rates.

The user interface happens to be always clean, which makes it easier for the beginners to get hands on the currency on the site. Outside credit cards, Bitpanda can offer Neteller, Skrill, Sofot Transfers, Giropay, EPS and OBT, to name a few.

Options remain plenty:

With so many interesting platforms available and with such a growing demand of crypto currency business these days, you will never be out of options. So, make sure to go through each platform in details, before concluding on the right choice to make in here.