We all know that a night of decent sleep is significant for one's both physical and mental health. In some cases, a considerable number of people experience issues nodding off or are restless because of the pillow being excessively warm or overheated at night time. We are continually hoping to locate an ideal cooling sleeping surface with a cooling cushion to battle heat during the night. In reality, our head discharges more warmth than other body parts and it runs a lot hotter when the temps are high around evening time, causing to sweat overnight, particularly in the summertime. 

We always wish to have a cool spot to rest our heads on the cushion or pillow, and continuously flip the pad when you are about to sleep. Although, the traditional memory foam pillows will make the head warm for the time being but don't really give a feeling of comfort and cooling. All of the cooling pillows do guarantee that they will give you comfort and make your sleeping experience, extremely relaxing for the night. But the question stands that how does the cooling pillow work? Well, here is a simple cooling pillow guide for you.

Beneficial Perks of Using a Cooling Pillow

Cooling pillows hold an edge over the normal pillows; this is because they surely profit you in handful of ways, of which few ones are stated below. 
  • Aids in Falling Asleep Quickly- They allow their surface to cool the head and the surrounding parts (neck, spine) so you can fall quickly to sleep and enjoy a relaxed sleep after a tiring day.
  • Can Cure Insomnia- They can play their part of cooling down your head during the night, reducing the night sweats. A relaxing night's sleep on a best cooling pillow may be the solution to your insomnia.
  • Boosts Mental Health- Peaceful environment and cooling pillow is all you need for the best sleep possible. Mental health depends on your sleeping schedule, the more appropriate your sleep pattern is, the more relaxed and rested you would feel both mentally and physically.
  • Keeps You Looking Younger- An unhealthy night's sleep causes aging of the face. However, having a cooling pillow will not only increase the quality of sleep but also tends to add up a fresh look on your face and body.
  • Aids in Avoiding Metabolic Diseases- Metabolic diseases like diabetes mellitus, stroke, and heart disease can result from a lack of sleep, so better use a cooling pillow to avoid such problems.

Types of Cooling Pillow - Fundamental Working Phenomenon

Cooling pillows are of several types varying on the basis of technology involved and on how does a cooling pillow work, but the type of cooling pillow that stands recommended is Gel Memory Foam pillow, due to the fact that it is among latest innovations and also is accessible at ease. Stated below are the few types of cooling pillow that are commercially available along followed by their respective working phenomenon on which they function.
  • Water Pillows – Water is the main cooling agent, just insert a pouch filled with cold water, into the specifically designed pillow.
  • Breathable Pillows – The air vents in the design assist thorough air circulation so that you don't wake up sweating and can avoid stinking off during the nights.
  • Phase Change Cooling Pillows – Phase Changing materials are containing fats, salt hydrates, or paraffin is used.
  • Combination Cooling Pillows – Involves the use of different types of technologies and the knowledge of combining certain cooling techniques.

Gel Memory Foam Pillow – Introduction

If we are talking of cooling pillows, then we must know that the cool gel memory is the most recent invention in the field of comfort households. Its principal material is basically made up of moderately slow rebound material, secured with a layer of gel, so when the human body rests, it gives a cooling sensation. If it is kept for daily and regular use, the memory foam cooling pad frames the shape naturally as per the shape of your head and neck, fitting in with the state of everyone's head. Primarily, a gel foam pillow means any pillow containing singular layers of gel or gel-implanted memory foam, no matter howsoever they are infused. Studies have demonstrated that the condensation layer will absorb your body warm and scatter the heat to make a cool sleeping surface, which can make body surface temperature to drop by 11 ° C, providing you comfort for the duration of the night.

Conclusion - Cooling Pillow Guide

Want a peaceful night's sleep? You should consider buying a cooling pillow, for example, the Saatva Pillow, GhostPillow, or simply, the Brooklyn Bedding Premium Shredded Foam Pillow. These kinds of headrests with pillow cooling innovation have been demonstrated to help in fending off the night sweats. Having a number of choices and options, it is sure that a cooling pillow won't just give you a cool resting experience, yet additionally, it aids in keeping the body as liberated from any pain or ache as much as possible.