The outbreak of coronavirus is taking the world by storm. This is affecting the lives of everyone across the globe. With the World Health Organisation declaring it a global pandemic, panic and uncertainty exist everywhere. This hasn’t spared students from studying abroad during the summer exchange program. With most countries under lockdown, which are possible international student hubs, read on to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on students traveling abroad. 

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Coronavirus pandemic

Students in most hit countries are considering going back to their homes. These have to endure overwhelming sadness and confusion amidst the crisis. Students abroad are stranded, short of money, and prone to various problems regarding international flight procedures, including canceling and rescheduling. For their safety, students must try to return home amidst the wrath of the virus outbreak. Although it is pretty disappointing, all these measures are necessary. 

Brave students are given options to enjoy their studies abroad in different countries. However, it is essential to ensure the educational programs in other countries meet their goals. Remember that graduation ceremonies are being postponed indefinitely, with some in May being extended to December. 

How colleges and universities are reacting

Many educational institutions are firmly insisting on students going back to their homes. The outbreak of coronavirus is taking various international programs into a frenzy. This has made students begin scrambling to return to their home countries. Opting for one of the famous high school summer travel abroad programs guarantees utmost safety regardless of circumstances. 

One of the solutions might be a premature return from abroad. The decision is made to cater to students’ safety regardless of the monetary losses. The safety of students is always a top priority to ensure that they return home safely. Some educational institutions offer students financial aid, reimburse for air tickets, and cover upfront travel costs. For students worried about quarantine, the program informs them about appropriate procedures to follow when returning home. Some of these include coronavirus screening and self-quarantining. 

Effect of coronavirus outbreak on international students

Most international students in the U.S. are from China, with about 369,548 students during the 2018/19 school year. In the present coronavirus outbreak, travel restrictions are everywhere, making it hard for students to return home from abroad. This creates the risk of some students quitting or postponing their summer abroad programs. It spells trouble for the students and educational institutions. With substantial cuts in higher education state funding, universities abroad are pressured to admit more students who don’t need scholarships or financial aid. 

Private institutions that depend heavily on the enrolment of international students are likely to be struck in the aftermath of the pandemic. There is potential for many talented students who desire to study abroad in the summer but can’t afford the costs. Schools that depend heavily on full-pay students will face the challenge of dealing with the situation without huge endowments and funds from other sources. 

How the coronavirus outbreak affects student’s dreams

Student’s dreams are now on hold with educational institutions closing in various countries. The coronavirus outbreak has drastically stopped miltoons of graduate students’ dream dreamsuof touringorld. Now, some students solely depend on traditional campus operations accessed online for their knowledge base. Remember that some schools shut down, leaving students to find suitable alternatives. 

With everyone scrambling for food and other basic needs, students are exposed to various problems. They can’t access campus food pantries, student housing, dining halls, and free internet. Keep in mind that by the end of the outbreak,, students will likely end up in precarious situations,, making it hard to complete their studies. Not to mention the devastating effect on families everywhere. Apart from dropping out of college, other problems students are likely to face include:
  • Growing debt
  • Chronic illness
  • Mental impairment
  • Immuno-compromisation
  • Attending college without a degree

Other Student concerns during the pandemic

Students are struggling financially and academically during the coronavirus outbreak. Some, by this time, lost their on-campus jobs. In the ongoing lockdown, expenses, including utilities, food, and transport, suchh as flights to returnhome countries, are expensives. Students not used to online classes are having difficulty missing in-person lectures. 

It is pretty challenging for some students to concentrate while doing online classes. These keep getting distracted by phone calls and messages from frantic friends and family members seeking to know whether they are safe. However, all hope is not lost that at the end of the pandemic, the students will get a chance to study abroad during the summer. 

Bottom line

Spending time abroad is strongly recommended for students. However, the coronavirus outbreak affects everyone,, including students wishing to travel overseas for studies. Medical professionals are doing their best to curb the virus and students can look forward to visiting their favorite places when life goes back to normal.