Fuel prices keep increasing, and truck owners aim to get every bit of kilometre out of their fuel tanks. However, very few owners are willing to sacrifice their performance for better fuel efficiency. There are various diesel performance parts that can enhance fuel efficiency, but regular maintenance can also go a long way to ensure your truck doesn’t consume more fuel than expected.

Here, we will talk about various options that can help you get more fuel economy for Ford.

Exhaust system

A perfect exhaust system can move spent fuel and combustion byproducts away from the engine. This ensures that the engine does less of the same work. You can upgrade the exhaust of your Ford truck which increases the performance by quite a bit. Check out goblackops.com.au to upgrade the exhaust system as it helps the truck to exhale and increases your fuel savings.

Intake System

Intake systems ensure that your truck takes in the required air for combustion. An aftermarket cold air intaker ensures that colder air enters your engine which increases power and efficiency. With the upgraded exhaust, an aftermarket cold air intake also gives better performance, increasing fuel efficiency.

Programmers, Chips, and Tuners 

Other performance parts can include programmers, chips and tuners. Each one of them has its own functions and tuning capabilities. They alter various signals and engine parts that increase the performance of the truck. Programmers and chips tune the truck’s computer to set up various factory settings. You may often choose fuel economy settings or even max or increased performance settings.

Boost Gauge 

A lot of truck owners are uninterested in their engine boost, but the engine boost is quite important for diesel turbocharged engines.

The boost gauge can tell you how much constant boost your engine is giving you and the average driver cannot notice the boost without a gauge. If you do not get the boost your engine should give you, then there might be a loose bolt or some other sort of damage that is affecting your boost.

Any amount of loss in boost is an indication that there’s something wrong, mostly with the engine. It could also be the air filter or fuel getting dirty. You can easily point out future damages that begin with loss in engine boost.

Some drivers realize the damages when it’s too late, they would have been driving around their truck normally and not experiencing any problem. But if they had a boost gauge, they would have been able to recognize and prevent such problems.

Synthetic Lubricants

Synthetic lubricants are known to increase your performance and fuel efficiency just by a couple of miles per gallon. But this can save up quite a lot of money and make your truck much more efficient. The synthetic oil lubricates the moving parts of the truck better. This reduces friction and helps in improving performance.

Synthetic oil not only increases efficiency, but it also has an increased oil life which means you may not have to change engine oil more often.


Some people might not be a fan of swapping out stock truck parts for aftermarket ones to increase performance. This is where constant services and maintenance can help maintain the truck’s fuel efficiency.

To get more miles out of your truck, you need to ensure that every part of your truck is working perfectly.

Not changing engine oils or air filters on time can affect your engine’s performance and damage the contact parts. Damages air filters affect the truck’s horsepower, which makes your truck quite inefficient.

If your truck has done over 75000 miles without any oil changes, you might be in for some extra maintenance.

If you follow most of the suggested tips, you will easily be able to get more fuel economy out of your Ford Truck.

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